The Frequently Occurring Themes In An Antique Chinese Bronze Statue

Posted by miaasmith on October 13th, 2016

An antique Chinese bronze statue is as much a symbol of Asian art as is an antique Tibetan Thangka. Though made in two very different mediums, both have grown to represent the art of Asia at a global level. It is interesting to enlist the most commonly occurring figures in these antique statues and what those figures stand for.

1.The Foo Lions: Almost always represented in pairs, Foo lions are a considered as guardian animals in the Chinese tradition. These lions are believed to be protectors of homes. Essentially, the male lion is supposed to be the guardian of the very structure of a house whereas the female is believed to watch over the inhabitants of that particular home.

2.The phoenix: A universal symbol of immortality and vitality, the phoenix has slightly different connotations in the Chinese culture. It is considered as a symbol of peace, prosperity and joy. Chinese phoenix statues also show a slightly different form of the bird. These statues are basically hybrids of many creatures, most commonly made to represent the beak of a rooster, breast of a goose, neck of a serpent, the back of a tortoise, the forehead of a fowl, the face of a swallow and the tail of a fish.

3.Buddha: The most widely recognized figure in Chinese bronze sculptures, the Buddha appears with distinct Asian traits with highly stylized hair and facial attributes. The Buddha statues are especially revered due to their religious significance and one of these statues of any size can be spotted at every Chinese home.

4.Tigers: Just like every other animal, the tiger too is symbolic in Chinese culture. It stands for courage and dignity combined with the necessary ferocity. The Chinese also consider a tiger to be the God of Wealth and place their statues outside their homes.

5.Dragons: Another widely recognized symbol of Asian art, the dragon has a very high place in these cultures. The dragon statues from China are made because the beast is considered highly auspicious in nature. Also, dragons are a symbol of cosmic energy better known as “Chi” in Chinese tradition. The serpent-like bodies complete with scales and four short legs have become the ultimate aspects that distinguish these creatures.

When you buy an antique Chinese statue, make sure to verify its authenticity and then, take care of it to the best of your ability. That way, your precious figurines would stay in the best shape for years.

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