11 Best Tips for Planning a Great Party

Posted by Grace Dervishi on October 14th, 2016

The success of a great party lies in how memorable it was for the guests who attended it. Planning a great party requires skill and finesse. Mentioned below are 11 tips to follow, in order to plan the party of a lifetime.

Simple steps to follow

  1. Planning pressure- Avoid taking excessive pressure while planning a party. Remember, a party is just about having a real good time. So the planning also has to be stress free in order to stay organized and plan it well. Start the planning process and its execution early on so that you have enough time on your hands to take care of last minute alterations.
  2. Staying organized- The trick to staying organized is by making a detailed “To Do-List”. You may think it is possible to keep everything at the back of your mind, but you will end up cursing yourself when you miss out on something at the last moment. Preparing a list will ensure you tick all the check boxes on the list. Aspects of a party such as a supply of food and beverage need to have all the requirements jotted down.
  3. Theme- There is nothing more fun than deciding upon a theme that shall set the mood for a birthday bash or a festive party. Inform all of your guests about the dress code or specific themes so that no one ends up arriving as the odd one out.
  4. Accessories- If you intend on having a theme party, you ought to have the accessories that compliment the theme, right? So collect or purchase the right accessories for your party. Such accessories can be purchased online from shopping sites. Be sure to purchase these accessories at special festivals since great discounts are offered during festive periods on imports for party accessories in Kenya, Brazil, Japan and imports from many other countries.
  5. Invitations- If you really want all of your guests to show up at your party send interesting invitation cards that add to the anticipation of the party. There are several online cards designing stores that accept customized requests and deliver the bunch of cards to your doorstep.
  6. Food- When it comes to food, do not try to make every course as special as the main course. High quality bakeware from Master Class Kenya will help getting things ready fast and better. The other courses such as appetizers are meant to build up to the main course, so keep it simple. You would not want everyone filling their stomachs up with just the appetizers, would you?
  7. Well stocked bar- If this is an adult party that you are planning, make sure your bar is well stocked and it can be a self serve bar if the occasion is informal with just a group of your near and dear ones. If it’s a formal occasion, you can have a bartender, but have a qualified one who has had training from a master class Kenya, London or any other country as long as he/she is a trained professional.
  8. Music- What’s a party without great music? Ensure you have your music queued before the party starts. Pick music that goes along the theme of the party. Try and keep it on the softer side if there are too many old people as guests.

These are few of the basics that shall set the course for a memorable and fun party.

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