What is Pigmentation and its Treatment options

Posted by Aaeesha on October 14th, 2016

Skin covers your whole body and protects all the internal organs from harsh external conditions. As the skin is completely exposed, its texture and look greatly influence the beauty of the person. Skin is not the same for every person; there are various types mainly the color.

What is Pigmentation?

 The pigment that gives color to the skin is known as melanin. But sometimes melanin is secreted excessively in some regions. Pigmentation is the secretion of melanin pigment. When excessive pigmentation occurs at specific areas, these areas are darker than the rest of the skin. This affects the looks of the individual, which in turn make them overly self-conscious and stressed out. Treatment for pigmentation is available to reduce the level of pigmentation that makes skin look uneven.

Causes of excessive pigmentation

The reason for pigmentation is varied and excessive pigmentation occurs for everyone albeit in different areas.

  • Irregular pigmentation is usually caused by a stimulant. It may be due to sun exposure, injury, allergy and chemical attack.
  • Post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation is pigmentation caused due to inflammation in the skin. It is characterized by a number of small black dots.
  • The cause of Freckles is unknown, and as they appear randomly they can be prevented only by preventive skin care. They are in the size of matchstick heads causing no change in the skin texture.
  • Age spots are usually due to the aging of the skin tissue. They vary in size and cannot be avoided only their onset can be delayed.
  • Sunburn pigmentation is due to over exposure to UV radiation that will cause excessive melanin pigment secretion. Melanin pigment is used to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation. Treatment for pigmentation usually is preventive as the skin is capable of regeneration.

Treatment options

Treatment for Excessive pigmentation varies according to the intensity and extent to which it has spread in the skin. Pigmentation treatment also varies with skin tone. Experts say that treatment is difficult for darker skin tones.

Usually the pigmentation caused by sunburn and other stimulants is superficial, this makes treatment easier. Hydroquinone a vitamin A supplement is used to reduce the pigmentation.

Hyper pigmentation due to scars from previous skin disorders affects the skin in a more deep way. Treatment for pigmentation in scars is usually by laser treatment or chemical peel treatment along with other tropical treatment.

Hyperpigmentation deserves serious attention. So, visit your nearest skin clinic to clear up your skin.

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