Is stem cell treatment living up to its promises?

Posted by universalposition on October 14th, 2016

One of the major issues with stem cell treatment is that the initial breakthroughs promoted so much hope and optimism about future cure is for some of the world’s most intractable medical problems. Rather sadly, some very half-baked so-called stem cells therapies emerged from the public image of stem cells. These therapies were ill considered, didn’t work, and gave stem cell therapy a particularly unpleasant public image very quickly.

People don’t like being disappointed, and the idea that a whole new class of possible therapies was being exploited by dubious people didn’t exactly appeal, either. Suffice to say that the bogus stem cell treatments contributed nothing to science, and a lot to lawsuits. Meanwhile, however, while the lunatic fringe was carrying out its destructive work, real research was progressing.

The new face of stem cell therapy comes with a credible pedigree of actual science. As might be expected, the theory was one thing, the practice was quite another. Stem cells perform replacement and therapeutic functions in the body; the question is how to make those practices work with real medical conditions.

The good news is that real stem cell therapies are now in the early stages of practical application. There’s a long way to go, and these are still pretty much baby steps relative to the ideal of full cures for everything. The big difference between real science and what might be (much too politely) described as “pseudo-science” is that real science isn’t about fictional achievements.

A lot of hard work, number crunching, multi-testing, observation and demanding logic has been the basis of developing real stem cell therapies. The initial basic finding is that stem cells, properly applied, can deliver therapeutic benefits. Doesn’t sound like a particularly grandiose description, does it?

The bottom line is that stem cells are now being used in actual treatments. These treatments include acute stroke treatments, Parkinson disease treatments, lupus treatments and a very wide range of other medical conditions. For more information about the current state of stem cell treatments, visit the website of a company called Stem Cell of America . It’s quite an eye opener.  Fore More Visit :

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