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Private money lending ? The new black in finance in California?

Posted by Universal on October 14th, 2016

Private money lending is making big inroads into the new economy. Millennials, and jaded California business people who are tired of bureaucratic processes of major lenders, are voting with their dollars for better options in the private money market.

That’s understandable. The mainstream credit market has an at least partly deserved reputation as a slow, unresponsive and in some cases completely outdated sector. People borrowing money don’t want to spend weeks doing it. Opportunities come and go, and in business, twiddling your thumbs and saying “I am waiting for the bank” doesn’t really go down well in some sectors.

The bottom line here is that modern business money needs to be able to move fast. Compliance is one thing; dinosaur-like lethargy is another.

Private money loans, a.k.a. hard money loans, are simply loans based on hard assets as collateral. These loans are very straightforward, have absolutely no toxic content, and would make perfect sense to the average high school student.

A company appropriately called California Private Lenders is one of the market leaders in private money lending in California. There are several good reasons for this situation:

  • Private money lending is fast and efficient. This company can turn around a loan in two days and have it funded very quickly.
  • There are no “gray areas” in hard money lending. Everything is spilled out in impeccable detail, and in full compliance with California money lending laws.
  • The range of loans is excellent. You can take out business loans in Los Angeles, construction loans in San Diego, or any other kind of loan you want.
  • The loans themselves are very simple and straightforward. All the borrower needs to do is simply repay the loan on time. It’s about as difficult as it sounds.

To find out more about this company, and see some very useful information regarding hard money loans, visit their website here at Be sure to read through the information, and then speak to one of their experts about borrowing. The other big difference about this company is that they actually help their customers.

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