Wake Up to Funny Dog Calendars to Brighten Up your Day

Posted by ricky26 on October 14th, 2016

Every managing and planning tool you’ll ever need is either pre-installed on your smart-phone, or just a couple of clicks away on your platform’s app store. Then why would you possibly need a wall calendar? The question is as rhetorical as why would you need a wall painting to decorate your wall when you can look at the same artwork on your computer by googling it. Wall calendars are not just bearer of dates, but a canvas for motivational messages, pictures of your favorite model, one liners with mild humor and what not. They also have the most personalized reminders you can make for yourself using a pen to circle dates, reminding you to pay the bills. That is something your phones can not provide you; that is the organic way of keeping up with dates that we all grew up with. Following a physical calendar is something you will need in your house to promote a punctual environment.

Around New Year’s Eve every year, it is a common trend amongst people to gift each other interesting, motivational or funny wall calendars as a sign of positive anticipation for the coming 365 days. If nothing, they can be showcased as art pieces or as knowledge and trivia about things you love like sports, entertainment, music, etc. Keeping a calendar in your bedroom or kitchen is a healthy habit, since the consistent calendar keeper will have a habit to change the page every month and jot down and highlight important dates and events.

For animal lovers and people with a penchant for meek humor, Bright Day Calendars is a dedicated company that makes creative designer calendars. Their range of funny dog calendars is probably just the thing you want to wake up to every morning. Since 2009, Bright Day Calendars has done more than just sell eye-catching calendars, but has made it a priority to spread positivity in society. They have various outreach programs like an incentive program for kids where they receive rewards for performing well in school. The amount of positivity the company has successfully generated is proven by their paid meditation sessions daily to develop their minds and characters for better work. They even pay their employees 4-8 hours a week to do what they love, like playing guitar, dancing or studying philosophy. Basically the purpose is to do whatever makes them happy. Such positivity is directly reflected in their products too.

About Bright Day Calendars:

Bright Day Calendars is a company that promotes and sells useful wall calendars and planners. They have the biggest collection of all types of interesting wall calendars like funny animal-themed calendars, or metro parent calendar For more information, visit Brightdaycalendars.com

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