Land Castle Title | Land Castle Title Company: Offering Reliable Title Insurance Services

Posted by joseeliyo1232 on October 14th, 2016

Real estate is one of the principal investments that one ever makes. Actually, buying any property symbolizes that you are purchasing a part of land that possesses your title. Title resembles that you are a lawful owner of the place. Therefore, it is extremely important to properly verify that the title you’re buying is free from any sort of previous rights or claims. As these unknown claims can threaten your Title in future. In order to avoid such harassing issues it is necessary to get your tile insured. Title insurance is a type of indemnity insurance which provides insurance in the case of financial loss that occurs because of defect in title of a real property. This also insures in case of invalidity of mortgage loans.

Land Castle Title Company is one of the trustworthy and reliable law firms that provide insurance of your title. Through this title insurance, Land Castle Title protects number of real estate owners and lenders from property loss or other damage that may occur because of liens and encumbrances. The services covered under title insurance provided by Land Castle Title Company law firm are:

· Defects such as another person is claiming ownership on your property

· Forged deeds and mortgages

· Defects such as false power of attorney

· Defects of title stealing, lien, encroachments and fraud

Land Castle Title Company contains an efficient team of legal experts that provide best solution against fraud and forgery of titles to various real estate agents, home sellers and buyers, lenders, title agencies, mortgage lenders as well as brokers. There are several kinds of title risks associated with the property; you can get reliable assurance for such risks with the excellent Land Castle Title Company services.

Land Castle Title Company is one of the leading law firms serving Ohio and Kentucky. This law firm also provides escrow settlement services. Their settlement agents act as impartial stakeholders of your documents or funds and properly coordinate the flow of documents among all the parties. Moreover, this law firm also offers services of FSBO assistance with excellent tips of selling your home along with REO services such as title curative search, company approved notary services, property profile and other comparable information.

So, if you are willing to secure your property from displeasing title issues then you can definitely rely on Land Castle Title Company.

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