Do you really know what?s going on in your expensive rug in LA?

Posted by universalposition on October 14th, 2016

If you own an expensive rug in LA, you may not be aware that the rug has a few problems of its own. The problem with good-looking expensive rugs is that any problems happen below the elegant surface.

The usual story is pretty simple:

Microscopic dust builds up and gets tangled in the weave of the rug.

The ubiquitous California sand also gets in to the rug.

Pollen, spores and even bacteria and viruses drift in to the rug and get trapped.
Moisture from humidity and the occasional spill affects these materials and congeals them. (If you’ve ever found a strangely hard area of rug, that’s it.)

So – Under the rug, you have a lot of stuff which begins to tear at the weave and fibers of the rug, which is what “wear and tear” really is. Different types of rug respond differently. Some do better than others.

Wool rugs naturally tangle up a lot of materials with their many fibers.

Oriental rugs, depending on the type of material, may suffer some damage, but are very tough and damage takes a while to become apparent.

Persian rugs are super-tough, but also accumulate a lot of materials in their dense weaves.

Oil stains, food, wine and other materials chemically combine with the rug and other materials, too.  

Cleaning, obviously, is the answer. The problem is that domestic rug cleaning products can only achieve superficial results. They’re OK for occasional cleaning, but no use at all in terms of deep, thorough cleaning you need to protect your rug from accumulated gunk.

The only way to really clean a rug is the modern method, as used by a company called Holland Rug Care, a local LA rug cleaning specialist:

They immerse the rug to remove solids and disentangle fibers.

They chemically treat the rug, after checking for color fastness.

They spot clean as required.

These processes require special equipment and expertise. This company, by the way, are your local wool rug cleaning experts. They provide Persian rug cleaning and Oriental rug cleaning services, too. To find out more about their services, visit their website here at . You and your rug will be glad you did.  

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