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Posted by KwikAdvertising on October 14th, 2016

Remember just a few decades back, when a small business had to market itself by paper? Back then, if you weren’t a big multi-million dollar business, you couldn’t afford grand advertising. This would be TV, Billboards, Newspapers, etc.

And so you had to resort to other means as a small business. When you wanted to let people know about offers, products, or expansions, you had to get flyers, brochures, and place banner advertisements in your stores.

The case is completely different today. With the rise of the internet, the decreased use of TV, and the increased use of smart phones, the advertising gap between small and big businesses is shrinking.

How so you may be asking?

Internet marketing and SEO.

With internet marketing and SEO services, paying more doesn’t get you as far as it did 30 years back. When it comes to advertising today, you need to focus on quality. You need to understand the technical aspects of proper SEO.

And above all, you need to learn to target the right audience.

As such, local SEO becomes important, if not vital. With local SEO, just like with paper advertising, you are advertising to individuals near to your business vicinity. But you see, local SEO has way more advantages than advertising by paper.

  • With local SEO, you get to target people more with less time wasted. With paper advertising, you need manpower to spread the word (especially with flyers).
  • The internet doesn’t die. With paper advertising, you need to constantly get new paper, and handout, just to remind people.
  • Content online is easier to update. You can speak and launch offers more efficiently and quickly. This is not the case with paper advertisements, where it will take some time to print and spread.

A few examples.

Let’s say you live in west Palm Beach, and you run a clothing store (this article is about West Palm Beach by the way). Wouldn’t it be more efficient to market yourself online, to people who are closer to your vicinity?

Clothing stores are infamous for constantly putting items on sales. It’s faster and cost-effective if you find local SEO West Palm Beach services, who can do this on the fly for you.

Or let’s say you live at Boynoton Beach, and you have a restaurant there. Sending out flyers, while it may work, wouldn’t be as effective as having a constant presence online which you could update with ease.

This is especially important for restaurants, because people tend to order food a lot these days from home or work. So you’re going to need to post addresses and contain information there, in addition to menu updates. This is all something you can only do efficiently with services for local SEO Boynton Beach.


You would be wasting your time, and money, if you’re not seeking a local SEO service provider by now. You should have the openness to explore such advances in business technologies, and make the best of them for a brighter business future.


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Kwik Advertising specializes in affordable marketing for small businesses.  At Kwik Advertising & Sales, We combine the best of traditional (Old) advertising and digital marketing (New) techniques.

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