Learn When It's Best to Apply Body Lotion

Posted by zohoor in Society on October 14th, 2016


So, are you wondering that even to apply a moisturizer, there is some fixed time? Yes! It is, but need not to worry because this article will going to clear your doubts and will make you understand the reasons behind it. Well! A skin is a dynamic system which varies according to hydration value, environmental changes, temperature and other factors and therefore it’s reaction to different creams also varies greatly. So even if you are applying fragrant body lotion or secret body lotion make sure that you do it correctly, otherwise optimal benefits from these cannot be attained. Below are some important tips following them will definitely make you achieve good results after applying moisturizer.

Clean Properly

Generally, people apply creams whenever they have time or feel convenient, but this is not so, actually

the best time to apply fragrant body lotion and secret body lotion is when you are fresh, like just taken a warm shower or bath because at this time the skin is not only fresh and clean but it is also thoroughly moist and absorbs well whatever is applied onto it.

Apply Most Lotions When the Skin is Moist

This is recommended as the ingredients can be able to penetrate better when they are dissolved. But when the fragrant body lotion or secret body lotion is applied on a dry surface it is hard for them to penetrate and doesn’t give desirable results. It doesn’t get shine and glow and may not react as it should be. So keep it moist and use the cream only then.

Warmth is Better

Cold skin is not apt to put any type of product as the ingredients of any cream will not get absorbed properly and make it very oily and sticky making it prone to pimples and acne. So to get rid of this rub a warm towel soaked in a warm water against the skin in order to make it a little moist for any type of product to be applied to it.

A Fine Exfoliation

Ex foliation is the process of removing dead skin so that it becomes smooth, silky and soft because if the uppermost layer of it is too dry and patchy then any active ingredients of any body moisturizer find it difficult to penetrate deeply into the pores and will not be effective. So get off all that dead cells if you really want to have a nice shining skin.

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