The truth about online store security and merchant services? It?s a bit grim.

Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on October 17th, 2016

If you have an online store, security is likely to be an issue that you really don’t want to think about, but sometimes have to deal with. The stories and folklore about online store security issues are hardly reassuring.

The less obvious problem, and sometimes the worse problem, ironically, isn’t actually the online store itself. It’s the dismal quality of services from some merchant service providers. If you’re still working with outdated equipment, software, and “quaint” online services, these are much more likely to be the real security issues.

Everyone in business who isn’t actually a fossil knows that outdated equipment and software create vulnerabilities by definition. These relics, many of which are still shamelessly sold by merchant service providers who should know a lot better, are major security liabilities.

It’s a matter of opinion which problem is potentially more destructive. On the one hand, you have all the ongoing threats of doing business online. On the other hand, you have the absolute certainty that your cheapskate merchant services provider will continue to make these risks worse, and you’re paying for that.

Simple credit card processing shouldn’t be that difficult. You should be able to do business and use something as basic as an iPhone credit card reader, without having to take out extra business insurance every time you use the thing.

Add to this the fact that many merchant services providers also charge high rates for these risks, and you really do have a business problem. This is a genuine bottom line issue, and it’s one you really do need to address, preferably ASAP.

As a matter of fact, you can change your merchant services provider right now. There’s a company called Leaders Merchant Services which provides, if you please, free software, free hardware, technical support, and scalable service deals.

As you may have gathered from that one sentence, this is not your average Neanderthal merchant services provider. This is a modern company, doing business in America right now. You can apply online, talk to the experts about your needs, and get the services that your business actually needs, with the protection of modern security standards. For more information, visit their website here at

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