Organic Food: A Healthy Natural Choice for Your Family

Posted by NimbleOrganics on October 17th, 2016

Here’s a fact: Our great-great-grandparents lived on an organic diet. So called ‘modern’ farming methods that use pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) did not exist back in their day. GMOs and pesticides have changed our diet significantly—however, our genetics and bodies as humans have remained the same. Now you may be wondering: Is it time to go back to organic—and will the health of our families be much better if we switch? Science points to yes.

There have been numerous studies on organic vs. conventional food, and most of them conclude that there are many benefits to taking the organic route. Here are just some of the many reasons to eat like our ancestors and switch to an organic.

1. Reduce the total toxic burden on your body

After three decades of research, Rodale Institute concludes that there is only 7% pesticide residue in most organic produce, while there is 38% in conventional counterparts. Organic food also contains less herbicides, antibiotics, ionizing radiation, and growth hormones—all of which are toxic by their very nature. Animal products are no exception. Conventionally raised livestock are typically fed with combinations of corn and soy—a good 90% of which is genetically modified and laced with antibiotics and hormones.

Giving your family an organic diet can reduce pesticide buildup in their bodies. A 2005 study reveals that children who switch to a primarily organic diet show dramatic decreases in organophosphorus pesticides in their urine—in as little as 15 days.

2. Organic farming is better for the earth

Companion planting, crop rotation, and using animal manure instead of synthetic fertilizers are the cornerstones of organic farming. These methods help maintain the integrity and quality of the soil. They do not pollute rivers and lakes so your children (and future grandchildren) can continue to enjoy nature as intended.

3. Organic crops are superior in nutrition

Some skeptics have questioned the nutritional benefits of organic crops. But recent studies have shed new light on this matter, providing plenty of evidence that organic foods are indeed richer in antioxidants and nutrients. They are also lower in cadmium and other heavy metals. And because they are grown on healthy soil, they have more cancer-fighting compounds (known as flavonoids).

So the verdict is in: Organic food is more nutritious for your family. They don’t put unwanted toxins in your body, and therefore don’t deplete your health. Start making the switch to organic by shopping in an organic e-store.

About the Author:

This article is written by Raghavendra Sai Akkinapragada, the Director of Nimble Organics. Nimble Organics is one of the trusted online organic stores in India. They offer 100% natural and organic products that include organic food, organic beauty products, organic clothing and many more products.

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