"Green" standard is much higher than the "green substrate" standard

Posted by liuyi on October 17th, 2016

" 'Green substrate' and 'green' is simply two different concepts." Power Dekor 4S Service Center, Mr. Zheng, director of sales told reporters. According to reports, the "green substrate" from the introduction of an overseas technology, that is, in the production process of composite flooring, the substrate in the anti-moisture factor added to improve the anti-moisture properties of the floor. "To facilitate the identification of consumers, will add a moisture-proof factor composite flooring substrate, dyed green, followed by competing companies to follow suit and wanton misinterpretation, deliberately this 'green' confused into his 'Green', which also makes worth steeply, at least per square meter more than ordinary composite floor on your 10-20 yuan. "Mr Cheng said.environmentally friendly flooring

"This green non-he green." Chengdu Interior Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Lin said that the real "green substrate" to strengthen the moisture-proof performance, can adapt to more complex climate, but also can withstand the timely processing of accidental flooding, But can not be soaked in water, "moisture" is not "waterproof"; "green substrate" green only added anti-moisture factor, without any other special meaning, not to say that the more green the more waterproof colors, the more Environmental protection, on the contrary, if the improper added dyes, then, but harmful. Green flooring refers to those who meet the national compulsory E1 standard, access to national environmental labeling certification and the national standard ISO14001 certified enterprise products.vinyl fence

At present, in addition to using the "green substrate" posing as "green", there are some certification difficult to cross the border enterprises, to their products marked "E0" logo, claiming to be "zero formaldehyde", "more environmentally friendly than green." In fact, at present only Finland and Japan to implement EO standards, but it is impossible to achieve "zero formaldehyde." E0 standard refers to formaldehyde content ≤ 0.5 mg / l. E1 standard in China can be called the "green" floor. "In the purchase of the floor, we can not just look at the environmental index, the wear resistance is also an indicator of the quality of measurement.DIY deck

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