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What Prospect Does Online Big data Training Have?

Posted by analytixlabs on October 18th, 2016

Man has been using data to plan his action ever since he has learnt to reason. Today the data has grown huge in proportion hence we call it big data. If we put it simply – the successful gathering, processing and analysis of big data lets an organization take a peep into the future and plan its action for the same.

Big Data training holds a shining prospect

Health care, education, manufacturing or military, no organization moves around without the insights created by big data analytics and data science. This is a data driven world as it has always been; the only difference being the increased amount of data and the requirement of specific and critical expertise to cope with it. The prospect of becoming a big data expert – a data analyst, data engineer, machine learning engineer or anything related to big data, is exciting. It involves tenacity, analytical skills, a logical mind and most importantly, state of the art training.

Great training and flexibility can be attained together

The world witnesses a gaping shortage of big data talent and the average salary offered to a data scientist is in the vicinity of 0,000 per annum. This is the perfect time to become a certified big data professional. For those who are looking for a way into the heart of the buzz, it is a great time to enroll for data science related courses that are offered in various universities around the world. For those who are not in the position to dig their foot deep into extended traditional studies, a big data online course can suffice.

What do you learn?

The collection, processing and analyzing of data consists of various steps and techniques like - predictive analysis, data mining, data visualization, statistical analysis. These are done by one person or different persons depending upon the mass and importance of the work. The tool that corresponds to big data the most is Hadoop. There are other tools like SAS, R, Python, NoSql which have different purposes or same purposes on different levels. Big data online course usually includes the study of various tools and techniques relevant to big data.

A good big data online course will provide you with

  •          Industry specific, state of the art training 
  •          Practical training with the tool that you are learning
  •          Real life projects to work on and to build experience and confidence
  •          Sufficient exposure to the industry and the current trends.
  •          Visibility of the qualifications of the instructors and complete transparency with the fee structure.

Apart from being cost effective and time saving, a big data online course carries the opportunity for a student to virtually interact with professionals from around the globe. 

When an organization gets its hands on a well trained big data professional it becomes easier for the organization to –

  • Respond to opportunities and threats
  • Improve customer experience or client satisfaction
  • Gain a competitive edge

An analytical talent backed by appropriate training can really hit it big. If you are excited by the prospect of being an important asset, go for an excellent big data online course and get ready to be a part of the market that is predicted to reach .34 billion by the end of 2018.

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