A Fun Birthday Party the Kids will Love

Posted by funomenalparties on October 18th, 2016


A big part of this type of party is going to be the music. It can be fun to gather up the tunes for them. Many of the children may not be familiar with this music genre, so you will also be exposing them to something from the past. A kid’s disco party has plenty of upbeat dance music.

If you don’t care for the music kids listen to today that is popular, you will enjoy being to such a blast from the past. This type of party works well for children of various ages, from about 3 through the teenage years. Rather than putting it all together on your own, hire a professional.

In addition to providing the music, they can set the tone for your kid’s disco party with various items. For example, they can use the large disco balls and the LED lights for special effects. Some use laser lights which are very entertaining. Foam machines and smoke machines can be part of the set up too.


Of course if you are going to offer music and dancing, you need a place large enough. You may need to move some furniture out of a room in your home for the event to take place. If the kid’s disco party is during the day, consider hosting in in the basement where it will be darker. You can also get some darker curtains for the event.

Not all of your guests will be fond of dancing, but don’t worry. With the help of a great party planner, they can assist you with some fun music related games. All of your guests will be able to enjoy taking part in them.


If you want to keep up the atmosphere a few notches, send out the invites with a message that it is also a costume party. You may wish to feature a costume contest and a dance contest at your kid’s disco party. It can be fun to see the creative costumes they come up with for the event. This can include some wide leg bottoms and some crazy wigs!


It wouldn’t be a party without plenty of food and beverages on hand for the kids. You can keep it simple including finger foods, a variety of drinks, and cake. You don’t have to invest too much time or money to get it all in place. The idea is to create a very fun and energetic atmosphere for the party to take place in.

Find your Professional

Early planning for your kid’s disco party is important. This gives you time to find the professional to DJ the event. You can think about decorations and other details so you can gather the items you need. This is going to be a party you are thrilled to host and that the guests talk about for a very long time afterwards!

Such professionals often have full schedules, so you want to get on their calendar as soon as you can. If you have a specific date when the party must be held, you want to get in touch with them to make sure they don’t already have an event planned for that date and timeframe. Don’t send out your invites until you know for sure!


We love the opportunity to be able to help you create the best possible birthday party you can imagine! We have helped with various themes and birthday party events all over the Surrey area. We have plenty of games and activities for a variety of ages to offer. If you are looking for a particular theme or you want less responsibility for your child’s next birthday party, we can help! Our website http://www.funomenalparties.co.uk provides details on various packages we offer. Please contact us with any questions or special requests you may have. Our schedule fills up quickly so you want to get your party needs booked with us soon!

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