Appeal for justice: drug attorneys and manslaughter defense attorneys in Houston

Posted by articlelink01 on October 18th, 2016

Everybody deserves a chance to appeal for justice. Mistakes happen and sometimes even the innocent are accused of committing heinous crimes. Anybody who has been accused of a crime should not be cavalier about it. They should hire cutthroat lawyers who would be able to provide them with a proper solution. One should not take any chances with their freedom.

A city, situated in Texas, Houston is one of the most populated cities in the United States. It is located in southeast Texas towards the Gulf of Mexico. In this corner of the world, the accused would need a really strong defense to acquit him of his charges. There are some really good drugs and manslaughter defense attorneys in Houston who could help in putting forth a strong defense and thereby crush the opposition. There are some details which should be known by the lawyers, knowledge and experience are keys which build a good attorney. Some of the important information has been listed below:

Possession of Marijuana:

Marijuana is often the term used to define any Canabis sativa plant. It is an umbrella term, which encapsulates marijuana seeds, package with traces of marijuana, or preparation of a plant. In order to be charged with possession of marijuana, there should be a “usable’ quantity of marijuana on the person. Otherwise the charge is baseless. It should be kept in mind that possession of marijuana stems does not qualify as a crime of possession.

Possession of Cocaine:

Possession of cocaine is a serious offence, and only a well-seasoned lawyer would know how to acquit this charge. Therefore, hiring an experienced lawyer is pertinent if the accused wants to increase the chances of getting the charge dismissed. The Section 481.115 of the Texas Health and Safety Code enlists the charges and penalties in place, for the person charged with possession and distribution of cocaine. An experienced attorney would be aware of alternate punishments like drug court or rehab and look for alternative solutions.

Possession of Prescription Drugs:

In Texas, it is a serious offence to be in possession of a prescription without having the means of validation. It is an equally severe offence to provide prescribed medication to another person. Severe punishments and penalties are meted out to those who are found in possession of such substances. Therefore, ensure that the accused consults an experienced attorney who would be able to fling the charges away.

Possession of Controlled Substances:

The Texas Controlled Substance Act clearly enlists the four penalty subdivisions, which classifies the illegal drugs. It would be best to look for a lawyer who would be equipped to deal with such cases and has similar experiences.

The experienced Houston drug attorneys would be able to aid the accused under such circumstances, which involves the accused involvement with drugs.

Hiring of Experienced Houston Manslaughter Defense Lawyer:

In Texas, the crime of killing under human being is classified as a criminal homicide. However, there are some divisions under homicide: for instance certain murders are premeditated, while some are committed in the heat of passion. But there is another facet to it. Not all homicides are murders; for instance in the act of homicide is committed in a type of recklessness, then the gruesome deed is deemed as manslaughter. Manslaughter is a second degree felony, whose sentence ranges from 2 to 20 years in prison to ,000 as fines payable. Experienced Houston manslaughter defense lawyer must be hired under such circumstances.

If the accused person, values his/ her freedom then that person should hire experienced Houston Drug Attorney or Houston manslaughter defense lawyer , for their defense and ultimate acquittal.


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