Significant features in the history of Rhinoplasty

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Each and every innovation in the medical history is known to have interesting story behind it.  It not only indicates the importance of the innovation and the prevalent conditions before the invention.  Many times after knowing the history it is no wonder if it made you think that you are the luckiest person to be in this modern time where many diseases of ancient times are made to disappear from the global map.  For example one might consider the recent success of medicine industry in fighting against polio, small pox and chicken pox and many diseases like repetitive fevers.  Many tough diseases like kidney stone and kidney failure have effective treatment at present.  Then you must be thinking if the Rhinoplasty nose surgery must be having an interesting story, then yes you are right, it has an interesting story behind the invention of rhinoplasty. 

The entire idea of cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery is not at all new.  Surprised!  It is true,  the ancient Indian Hindu scriptures has mentioned various instances where these techniques are used to provide solutions for problems suffered by various kings. When it is related to royal families or kings, then it is quite obvious that these techniques are highly guarded secrets and common people are kept out from this knowledge.  When it is closely guarded secret it should also be noted that this will be passed either to their heirs or the successor who has been with the seers or masters serving them for decades.  Therefore those who are interested to know more about these things they should study the great Hindi Epic “Mahabharata”.  Plenty of techniques are explained with considerable accuracy and information. It not only reveals biology, cell formation, formation of zygote,  cell division and cell development and splitting of cells forming different tissues and the how the embryo is developed every week until the birth as a baby.  Remember that these techniques are explained in the scriptures before Christ period, that means nearly 5 to 6 thousands years ago.  

It has to be noted that the side effects or deviation from the normal effects and how it can ruin the society if there is deviation from natural sequences of life cycle.  These features are tough to understand even today if one doesn’thave enough knowledge to understand the intricacies existing in the creation and life cycle of human beings.  No wonder, when they have such a sophisticated knowledge they can also foresee the dangers and risks involved in these matters.  However, the nose surgery or rhinoplasty is developed by the Sage Sushruta is to save the lives of soldiers.  In ancient times there was a custom that the captives of enemy kings were punished by severing their noses.  The one who has severed nose are insulted immensely in the society and they could not lead dignified life in the society therefore such soldiers committed soldiers to escape from the tantrums of the society and life in general after they faced defeat by the enemy king.  To help them out soldiers are treated to give new face and new appearance so that nobody can identify them.

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