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Soleminze Wedding Via Myadvtcorner

Posted by adinnewspaper on October 18th, 2016

Marriage is a sacred institution in which two individuals come together with an aspiration of a bright and happy future. Man and a woman are often considered incomplete as single, their life gets a meaning and direction when they get tied in a permanent knot i.e. a wed-lock. Throughout centuries and across civilizations marriage was thus an important milestone in a person’s life. Even in today’s modern society marriage is considered important and is essential to evolve as a human race. It helps people grow not just in age but emotionally and spiritually as well. Spouse becomes a blessing of god that helps us in self-discovery.

Thus, it is extremely important to choose a life-partner after a thorough analysis. This is because a spouse is a major influence on a person’s life whether male or female. We generally spend our entire life with that one person and share our joys, sorrows, insecurities, aspirations, likes, dislikes, etc. with the same person.

Myadvtcorner is a booking agency that will help you in posting matrimonial ad in a newspaper. There are innumerable matrimonial newspapers sample and matrimonial classified ads sample that you can refer to. Times of India, Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagran, etc. you can post ad in any printed publication of your choice. The service provider has all the national and regional dailies as well as international news supplements.

You can place matrimonial ads in news chronicles in Brides wanted and Grooms wanted sections. Also, you can select the caste and publish your ad in a particular caste or you can also post an ad in a cosmopolitan section if you are not particular about any caste or section.

Some news supplements have an exclusive leaflet that is dedicated to matrimonial purposes. Major papers like Times of India, Hindustan Times, etc. have a special edition for matrimony that is published on Sundays.

 Such newspaper ads have a description just in a couple of lines mentioning the following details:

  • Date of birth of the marriage seeker
  • Professional qualifications
  • Family details in brief
  • Contact details (phone number or e-mail id)

You can publish your ad either as a Text classified ad, display classified ad or a display ad.

The ad is charged as per the number of words. If the word limit exceeds then the extra words would be charged accordingly. Also, in cases of a display ad the font size is bigger than the regular classified text ads as well as vibrant colours are used. Therefore, prices of such ads are a bit higher.

To know more, visit the website or call on 9810904604. You can also drop a mail at

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