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Posted by totatota on October 18th, 2016

The  Shepard SDP Review by Perry Shepard is a SCAM, and we have BLACKLISTED it in our fair and impartial review. It has come to our attention that this new and terribly misleading and deceptive app and auto-trader is being heavily promoted by a greedy group of affiliate marketers. This crooked band of cyber-hooligans are currently sending out massive SPAM e-mail campaigns designed to bait innocent day-traders, and have been amazingly successful due to the insidious nature of this new online trading system. So when the complaints started mounting, our first advise was to immediately unsubscribe from the service, but it seems this does not work and now we have grievances from some of our members about how consecutive emails keep entering their inbox. Needless to say this got our staff infuriated, and as a result we spent the last 24 hours working around the clock to find a real smoking gun, and we did. This time these creeps have gone too far and we will expose them in the most transparent and revealing way. After reading this article you will be left totally awe-stricken, and we guarantee there will be no room left for even a hint of doubt or hesitation in regards to our inevitable conclusions. Keep reading our in-depth review to see how we exposed this latest financial scam, as well as how we caught these guys and shed light on their misdoings


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