The Thin Blue Line Logo Is The Law Enforcement Identifier

Posted by peter abel on October 20th, 2016

An emblem acts as the face of the commonness between people who share love for that common thing. And people identify themselves with that face. Emblems and flags are the symbols used to bring together people of a particular group or affinity. An emblem stimulates the connect between the people, who identify with the common cause that it stands for. Historically too, people have always been known to affiliate to different groups and their flag or the emblem acts as a trademark symbol that defines them.


The Law Enforcement Agencies

Prosecutor Doug Mulder defined the position of the law enforcement agencies as the “Thin Blue Line”, in the documentary of the same name that separates the public from the anarchy. And with these words, the Thin Blue Line emblem came into being. Originating in the United Kingdom, the Thin Blue Line logo is now prevalent in the US and Canada too. Being an analogy to the term Thin Red Line, the Thin Blue Line is a symbol of solidarity to commemorate the fallen and to show support for the existing law enforcements officers.


The symbol of the protectors

The importance of the symbol with respect to the role of the police personnel as the protectors of the fellow civilians who are prone to victimization by the criminals is further enhanced. From the year 1993, when it was introduced in the US, it has become more of a symbol for the police officers to identify themselves as one. With its increasing prevalence, it is common to find the Thin Blue Line logo in the form of stickers on license plate, label pin, rubber bracelets, caps etc. It becomes much easier for any victim to identify a law enforcement official at the time of need.


The three stripes

The three stripes in the emblem have specific meanings that define its purpose very well. The top black stripe represents the public. The blue line in the middle stands for the law enforcement officers and the bottom stripe represents the criminals. The idea behind the emblem is that the law enforcement (Thin Blue Line) is what stands between the victims (civilians) and the criminals.


Special conditions for purchase

In case of authentic identifier merchandise, only the law enforcement officers are allowed to make the purchase to break the illegal imitations of the Thin Blue Line logo. Only after a proper identification procedure, these merchandise items are sold to the officers to maintain authenticity and to protect the importance of the emblem as a symbolic representation of their roles in the society.

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