Learn About Top 10 Most Popular Positions In Sex

Posted by Colton Webb on October 20th, 2016

Do you get worried about deep penetration and powerful orgasm? Some people often have to deal with these types of problems and sexual encounters with the partner have become real nightmares for them. As a resultant factor; they develop a sense of aversion towards sexual intercourse and their confidence level will come down drastically as well. How to overcome this alarming problem? Various studies clearly show that certain sexual positions help people achieve powerful orgasm and take a look at these top 5 most popular positions in sex that will help you achieve deep penetration and strong orgasm. If you do not have clear cut idea about these styles, you can watch some animated adult porn games   to learn more about them.


1) The doggie style

This style has become very popular among a huge number of people and if you can perform this style with the most comfortable angle, you will be able to enjoy a strong orgasm. Man should allow the partner to place her shoulders and head on the pillow comfortably and, the bottom will have to be kept at a raised position. For perfect angle, ask the partner to arch the back and the thighs should be drawn together.

2) The antelope position

It is a variation of the doggie position. Both partners should kneel on the floor and the man should lean over a couch. Open her legs from behind before entering and this position offers maximum self stimulation for the woman because of the fact that her hands are free. The antelope position always generates maximum power. If you have not understood what this position is all about, you can download cartoon porn games and these types of games clearly reveal how to perform sex in this position. 

3) The Rabbit ears position

The man should ask the woman to lie down on her back and her thighs will have to be kept in a spread position. When the man draws her legs, the woman can keep the knees close to the ears and the bottom of the woman should be supported with a pillow. The Rabbit ears position will make the man feel that he is filling her vagina completely.

4) The V-formation

The woman will have to lie flat on her back and the man needs to move between her thighs to enter. Man should lift her legs to grasp a leg around the ankle and the legs should be spread fully. That is why it is known as V-position and man will be able to thrust deeply in this position.

5) The Snake position

Tin this position, woman lies down flat on her belly and her legs need to be kept in a closed position. In order to make the bottom of the woman arch upward, man needs to place a pillow under her hips and knees of the man will have to be maintained in a bent position. Man must straddle her hips by maintain an upright position and the genitals of the man will have to be placed behind the woman’s bottom. To ensure smooth penetration, the thighs of the woman should be kept apart. If you download mobile porn games, you will get clear get clear cut idea about the snake position.

It can be said without any doubt that all these top 10 most popular positions in sex will always ensure deep penetration and strong orgasm. You can  download free porn games  to learn more about these positions.  

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