Major initiatives taken up by Charity Organizations in India!

Posted by sunainaram on October 20th, 2016

At the developing stage of any country. Charity organizations play a major role, and fortunately, we have a good number of such NGOs working in various part of India. Few of them are pan Indian, and Sitaram Jindal Foundation, Bangalore is one such.   

SJF, a well-known charity organizations in India, located in Bangalore, among its activities, construct hospitals, educational institutions and even  try to support  other  NGO’s of the country through funds and scholarships as a mark of their care for the society and their initiative to root out the major ills of the society. The Sitaram Jindal Foundation has dedicated focus on uprooting the illiteracy of the women in the nearby rural villages of its place. The Foundation has been working wonders in the field of education through its chain of schools and colleges that are established with an aim to educate women who are bereft of any educational facilities in their villages after schooling.

SJF has been  one of the charitable trusts in India that provide scholarships, concessions in fees to the deserving candidates as part of its program to motivate women empowerment through eradicating their illiteracy. Not only this, SJF is further noted for its Nature Cure hospital which is based on therapies that blend with yoga and other nature cure methods. It runs charitable hospitals in various parts of Bangalore to provide medical care to people who are poor and downtrodden. The health facilities provided are never compromised in quality, be it mainstream treatment (allopathy) or alternative (nature cure )

To come to use to the suffering humanity, particularly those who are not economically able, is the focal point of this Trust. No wonder that It has its pride of place among the established charitable trusts in India.

The Foundation has seen many milestones in its stride to be followed by many more in future.   

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