How Charities for Education work towards eradicating illiteracy in rural India?

Posted by sunainaram on October 20th, 2016

The need for education cannot be over emphasized. It is a pity that even after 70 years of independence, our literacy rate is about 75 %, and more than 70 % of illiterates are female  The worst sufferer is  the rural India. 

It is therefore important that apart from government initiatives, there is a need for CSR activities of corporate, and Sitaram Jindal Foundation Bangalore is one such Trust that is dedicated to the cause of rural India, especially working for the empowerment of rural societies with education.  

Poverty is the root cause for illiteracy in India and many a charity for education in India strives to eliminate this illiterate scenario through their scholarships, fee concessions and free education. In this backdrop, it is the rural areas which are much affected due to their downtrodden nature and underdeveloped infrastructure. So, even though there are many intelligent students in the rural set up of India, they are unable to continue their education due to inadequate facilities at school, lack of adequate teachers and school equipment. Many charity institutions try to help such students through establishing educational institutions in such areas and provide education at low cost or free of cost to wipe out illiteracy in rural areas. 

Sitaram Jindal Foundation is one of the education NGOs in India working relentlessly to uplift rural society from the clutches of ignorance and enlighten them with knowledge attained through education. SJF runs a chain of educational institutions for rural children in Karnataka to help them continue their higher secondary education, collegiate education and vocational education. All the institutions established by SJF function with a motto to aid poor children who are meritorious and deserving but do not have sufficient money to pursue their education with scholarships, concessions and free education. As a successful NGO in Bangalore, SJF also provides gold medals to students of various universities and colleges to encourage top rankers in various fields of education. It is also running a Book Banking Scheme to disseminate knowledge among rural children. 

SJF, a charity for education also runs a health care institute to promote awareness of wellbeing among people. Its museum contains a display of parts of our body with their functions to make people understand how human body works. It also runs Mahila Arts and Craft Charitable Institute to support poor women who can get some kind of livelihood through learning vocational courses like tailoring, embroidery, typing etc. 

Thus, SJF is one of the major contributors towards eradicating rural illiteracy through its charity institutions that prove to the motivational force in improving the educational status of rural places in India.

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