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How to Use Mobile Messaging for More Success in Your Retail Business

Posted by NathanGabriel1 on October 20th, 2016

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Mobile messaging is now a vital marketing tool that can give retail stores maximum exposure for their brand, apparels, or products.  It has gone from being a simple communication channel to being one of the most effective marketing and advertising tools.  

Some of the most popular OTT messaging applications include WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Line, and Talk.  Users only need to connect to the internet to send photos or videos, share files, and call anyone abroad.  Mobile messaging apps are becoming increasingly popular as they add more features to satisfy the needs of a mobile market.  

With over-the-top messaging, brick and mortar store owners have more options to advance their business and build a solid client base.  For instance, retail stores can stay in touch with users from different messaging apps, gather information, and learn about things that customers’ are talking about.

If you have a retail store, think about using OTT messaging applications to interact with a large market and get the best return for your money.  Giving customers more choices in sending and receiving messages could mean better prove beneficial for your brand.  This presents businesses with easy access to conduct surveys, gather feedbacks, and initiate discussions with existing and potential customers.

In-store advertising can also give your marketing campaigns a boost.  Place signs and text codes at the cash register to let customers know of your mobile marketing campaigns.  You can sweeten the deal by giving discounts to customers who join your message groups.  Since, the 160 character limit does not exist in mobile messaging, retail stores can include pictures of new arrivals, discounted products, and exclusive items in their store.

This also helps drive traffic to your online store.  Receive inquiries from multiple app users and direct them to your website to get product specifications.  

Are you a retail store owner?  Consider using mobile messaging to build your customer base and enhance your brand-consumer relationship.  

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