The Creativity Involved In Advertising

Posted by Nammo on October 21st, 2016

To generate the required results using the correct tool or form of promotion is the first objective of advertising. It is a goal oriented activity. The traditional methods of mass media advertising like radio, television or newspaper are being replaced by Internet marketing tools. The first and foremost reason for this is the change brought around in the world of business due to the launch of the Internet. The company has been pioneering in the art of offering space for classified ads for free as well as premium paid ads section. The USP offered by them is the way they have made local advertising a cup of tea for everyone due to their popular free ad section. It is a superb endeavour as it gives the private business owners a solid platform to promote their goods and products.

However, they also have a premium ad section in which a small fee is charged for featured ads. Featured ads are displayed at a premium space so that these get noticed easily. Once the slot period of the as gets over, it is automatically directed to the free ad section. The homepage advertising of the website can be divided into three categories

  • The ads which appear on the top of the web page are called banner adverts.

  • The ads which are focused on the left or the right hand side of the web page are called side adverts.

  • The ads which are given focus on the centre ofthe page are called big adverts.

The client can select the category as per their requirements and pay for the service availed. The prices paid by the clients are non refundable and hence they go under production soon and appear on the web page. It is one of the most reliable free online classifieds website. The site is aimed to offer a podium to all for advertising their products with the option of availing paid ads for better perspective and reach among the target audience.

Free job posting sites gives the opportunity to the people to look for employment avenues and apply for the job which is most suitable to their profile. It is an excellent channel for seeking employment tips also.

Jobs for teenagers section gives the advantage to the younger generation to go through wonderful opportunities for summer jobs or trainings which they can avail to make the best use of their free time and earn few bucks. The website is a perfect solution to several such related queries and opportunities.

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