Snow Removal New Jersey -What you Need to Know

Posted by ricky26 on October 21st, 2016

Few places get snow quite like New England and New Jersey is no different. Any given year feet of snow may accumulate naturally or be pushed down your sidewalk or street by the plow. However there something else you may wonder about - who is responsible for snow removal New Jersey? And perhaps more importantly, is that person me?

There is no easy answer because a hodgepodge of rules and regulations from the state all the way down to your homeowners association may affect who is responsible for what when it comes to snow removal New Jersey. In general, homeowners who have sidewalk property are not legally required to clean off their sidewalks.

So does that mean you do not have to clean off the sidewalk? No, but if you do watch out! Turns out if you have undertaken the duty to clean the sidewalk along your property you are now responsible for it. That means if someone slips on ice on your newly cleaned sidewalk and hurts themselves, by law you are now liable potentially due to “negligent cleaning.” That can be very costly and your homeowners insurance may or may not cover the lawsuit.

What if I own a business not just a home?

In that case you are always responsible for that sidewalk so keep it clean or risk city fines or worse, sue-happy pedestrians who felt a balmy -10 degree snowy day was wonderful weather to walk in. But what can you do about it? Use your own employees or worse, you, to clean the whole length? No, there is a better way, that’s with the Snow removal companies in New Jersey!

Snow Removal Companies New Jersey:

Not too long ago one might have paid a local youth to clean sidewalks with a shovel. For numerous reasons this just isn’t the case anymore, especially if you have a lot of sidewalk real estate space to clear out. For this reason many businesses and even some neighborhood associations hire snow removal companies to deal with their excess snow. Commercial snow removal in New Jerseyis snow joke!

It is a large and thriving business and varies from one man with his over the counter snow blower to large companies that can do industrial sized areas. Perfect for that mall parking lot that’s covered 4 feet deep in fluffy white snow. Some snow removal companies will not just clear the snow off to the sides but will also remove it from the premises as well. It all depends on what you need to have done.

Commercial snow removal NJ is an important investment for any business in New Jersey and one that can save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding costly lawsuits as well as simply ensuring you can remain open regardless of climatic conditions. Remember, snow removal New Jersey isn’t just for safety, if you’re a business it’s the law. And your neighborhood association may require it. It’s definitely worth checking into

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