Tools & Techniques for External Bowl Shaping With Jet 1221VS Wood Lathe

Posted by Tool Man on October 21st, 2016

You can accomplish multitude of tasks with JET lathe machines and when you have 1221VS at your disposal, you can also try some bowl turning.

The profound fluted dish gouge is the most key and adaptable instrument for most bowl and plate turning. The dish gouge is heavier and less demanding to control than different sorts of gouges. It likewise permits evacuation of wood much speedier and with less vibration than different gouges. Most normal estimated dish work can be proficient with a 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch dish gouge. A1/4 inch dish gouge is most appropriate for littler bowls and light completing cuts. Bigger 3/4 inch and 1 inch dish gouges are utilized for huge pieces.

Vast domed scrubbers can likewise be utilized to tidy up the inside surfaces of dishes. A light touch with the scrubber marginally tilted will dispose of a portion of the edges every so often left by an unpracticed dish gouge.


Odd molded burls, groins and other sporadic formed spaces require exceptional arrangement before mounting in a chuck or onto a faceplate. Expel the bark, if there is any, from what gives off an impression of being the focal point of the highest point of the workpiece. Drive goad focus into the highest point of the workpiece with a hammer or dead blow hammer. Slip the goad focus into the headstock decrease and carry the tailstock with a live or metal roller focus into position. Lock the tailstock to the informal lodging the tailstock shaft so as to seat the container focus into the workpiece. Fix the ram locking handle.

Now turn workpiece by hand to guarantee legitimate leeway. Turn on the machine at most minimal speed and convey it up to the greatest safe rate for the extent of work to be turned. In the event that the machine begins to vibrate, bring down the rate until vibration stops. Carve out the outside of the dish with the 1/2 inch deep fluted dish gouge, holding the handle of the device immovably against your hip. For best control, utilize your entire body to move the gouge through the workpiece.

As the dish comes to fruition, chip away at the base (tailstock end) to accommodate connecting a face plate. Turn a short 1/8 inch long join around the span of the gap in the faceplate. This will permit focusing the workpiece when the faceplate is connected. Stop the machine, expel workpiece and join face plate or chuck. The surfaces of faceplate and workpiece ought to mount flush to each other. Wrap up the outside of dish with 1/2 inch or 3/8 inch dish gouge. Leave extra material at base of dish for backing while turning inside. This can be evacuated later.

Using the above tools and techniques you can shape outside of the bowl with some practice. Keep your lathe clean from dust and debris at all times for maximum results. If you are going to work frequently with lathe it’s better to install a robust dust collection system. offers Jet lathe machines, Powermatic lathe machines and Wilton clamps on lowest online prices.

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