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Guide to train the runescape skill with free runescape gold on RSorder Halloween

Posted by accolac99 on October 21st, 2016

- The data im talking about is from 2017 survey reveals, not from runefest, they even make a cheap runescape gold comparable graph at the end of the presentation so you can compare how everything did overall.

-Im not simply just proposing increase in movement speed. Also how do you know this? Because we have 2 abilities that are not teleportations, and let us travel faster tha1n 1 map tile a tick, so...?

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runescape mounts

-I didn't say the mods don't want to work out a pathing system, I said the mods don't want us teleporting behind walls, off the map, and into things. That is not a pathing system, that's them taking the time to make every wall, item, and border in the game teleport proof, which they said will take forever and the amount of bugs exploitable by a point and click would be a nightmare for them.

The biggest reason I want mounts as an update for agility is primarily for training the skill. Not so much as the side benefits they give you. I'd love a lot of the suggestions I made, but I do realize there are a lot of implications to those.

Agility courses as is, make me want to quit the game and re-evaluate what I'm doing with my life. And that is the main reason people want an agility re-work in my opinion. A re-work on how we primarily get xp, and then the outside benefits of the skill like theiving, and hunter.

The way augmented items lvl up and can be siphoned is basically the way I see mounts as a viable and balanced way to gain agility xp, while still being unique. You wont need divine charge/components/blueprints, maybe a saddle and maybe like someone suggested you have to raise your mounts from infancy to use.

I really believe that terrorbird racing, and row boats from last years halloween event/ pirate quests/ gowers were the warm water tests for mounts. Which in my opinion were all well received.

So if I remember correctly rowboats made your character about one block longer and made your player movement almost 2.5x faster than normal, so making your player one or two blocks longer shouldn't be too much of an issue if all you are doing is running around the map world and the argument that they can't make your player faster without major overhaul just isn't the case. If the blocks are wider I'd think thats where the real issues will emerge. Jagex has also shown that they can make large cosmetic designs without increasing the "hitbox" think zodiac costume. The terrorbirds from terrorbird racing were equippable items which looked great, and served their purpose as the "mount". Along the same lines so does the pogo-stick in invention. So if you're thinking mounts will be riding a giant arraxor then you're thinking much larger than I am on what mounts will be.

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