What are hand tools and their uses?

Posted by lasher on October 24th, 2016

Can we ever imagine our life without tools? Think about it. How many times of tools we use in our daily life? In fact, we never pay attention to the common tools and some of the simple devices that we use in our daily life. Have you ever given thought about the kitchen tools, mechanical tools, electrical tools, and electronic tools? Each and every domain requires specific tools and machineries to make any work simple and effective work completion. Let us know some of the hand tools and hand tool suppliers in South Africa.

Let us know some of the simple hand tools used in our kitchen. They are the basic tools which we can find in any kitchen. Once you try to know about the kitchen, it will open up an entirely new world of cooking. Cooking pertained to domestic kitchens, bars, restaurants, mess, inns and other places where the meals are given on charity. Again two divisions can be found one is related to the non-vegetarian cooking and vegetarian cooking. Mixers, grinders, blenders, knives, funnels, graters, pliers, mortar and pestles, pail openers, brushes, bottle cleaning brushes, measuring cups and spoons, metal skewers, juice extractors, grill cleaners and scrappers are some of the examples for the tools we use extensively in our kitchens.

Compared to the electrical tools, hand tools are simpler and easier to handle and they don’t require power to use these tools. The machine tools are different from that of hand tools, however in the machine shop tools includes hand tools and power operated tools. Some of the machine shop tools are given here

  • Hammers
  • Screw drivers
  • Offset screw drivers
  • Wrenches and its types
  • Bench-wise
  • The hacksaw

These tools are used in the machine shop. There are different types of hammers, screw drivers, bench vises, and hacksaw and wrenches and they are used as per the requirements and needs of the task undertaken.

Why they are significant for mechanics and operators? The use of hand tools and power tools is immense for the people who are involved in the maintenance jobs. According to the job classification, they have relevant kit always ready with them to execute maintenance duties whenever and wherever required. A person by virtue of his experience able to select and collect all those tools necessary for his job and he will develop the abilities for selecting the tools, how to use them as per the requirements, and handling ability.

Whenever maintenance staff is assigned a job he should be able to check the tools he need to carry for testing, checking, and setting. Skilled person will check for the layout, studies the descriptions, illustrations, general uses and maintenance of these tools under various conditions that are necessary for the maintenance tasks. They should also try to find out normal operations and proficiency should be developed in the required fields. Portable tools also include power operating tools but they are small in size and can be carried in a tools kit.

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