What is a wheelbarrow?

Posted by lasher on October 25th, 2016

A wheel barrow is a simple device used to carry heavy loads constructed over a single wheel and operated manually. It is barrow like structure fitted with handles and a tub like structure to hold the materials and transported manually by holding the two handles of the wheelbarrow. The load weight is distributed between the wheel and the device operator. This distribution helps the operator to carry heavier load easily and comfortably. It is compared with that of the second grade lever. Some of the ancient Chinese and Indian wheelbarrows have two wheels for the ease of transportation. This arrangement supports the entire load and it balances the load between two wheels without any apparent effort from the operator. This particular devices is extensively used in the construction industry and gardening. Wheelbarrows for sale are available in most of the stores where you get materials for the construction industry.

In general wheelbarrow is a simple device bolted on a single wheel on two legs and two handles. It is used to carry loads heavier that is not possible to carry by manually. Almost double of the load can be carried through this arrangement. Even though it is widely used in the construction, modern researchers attributed the invention of wheelbarrow to Chinese and date back this invention to 100 BC. The platform is extended at the both ends enabling more than one person to carry heavy loads. It is almost similar to that of the present manual auto-rickshaws. It is also very common in ancient India and this arrangement is depicted in various paintings and toys where two wheels are fitted on the axel and extended front and back so that either it can be pulled by the labourers or by animals to move heavy loads.

The arrangement is enough to carry not only to carry heavy loads across a place and the same is used in agriculture and other domains where heavy loads transported from one place to another place. Small improvisations are made whenever it is found hard to move the entire load manually. To ease out the strain, the handles were wounded with leather straps to provide smooth and calm experience while handling loads.

The popularity of the wheelbarrow continued till today in the construction industry, agriculture and other domains because of its inexpensive and easy system to carry loads within a short distance or within fixed boundary. The advantage of carrying loads close to ground and unloading is not a constraint with this simple device.

The raw materials required for the construction is very simple and they are inexpensive as well. They are also durable. The bed of the device is conveniently made out of steel, or wood, or plastic depending upon the load to be carried. The supporting legs are fitted with either hard plastic wheels or tyres.   Two wheels, four wheels, and single wheel barrows are also available now in the market so that one can buy them as per their requirements and convenience. It is one of those versatile and flexible devices invented by our ancient people that clearly exhibit their intelligence.

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