Find out your wrist size to have an easier time getting bracelets that fit you

Posted by mitchelllieberman on October 25th, 2016

A bracelet is an accessory you certainly have seen and worn since your childhood. It most likely was the first one you ever wore even before you got your ears pierced. As you matured you noticed that these items can be of various designs and made of various materials.

When you were young, most bracelets you wore or even made were out of simple materials such as thread and beads, but nowadays the designers have broadened the options and even items like guitar strings are now a good material.

New variations like Guitar pick charm bracelets have become very popular and trendy because it is a unique concept and has an attractive look. You could get your own if you know your size.
If you want to order for a Piece sign charm bracelet through the internet, knowing your wrist size will really be helpful. This is because unlike in a store where you can simply try one on there and then, when it comes to the internet, it cannot work that way.

If you have bought shoes through an online market, you definitely know that it can be very frustrating if you buy a pair just for you to realize when they have been delivered that they don’t fit you. It will be very difficult to try and get a replacement. The situation will be similar if you buy guitar string bracelets that do not fit you.

Here are steps for accurately measuring your wrist size:

I.    Take a piece of paper or a flexible tape and wrap it around the place you usually wear your bracelets and this is usually below your wrist bone.

II.    If you chose a plain strip of paper, just mark your size using a pen or pencil and then transfer the measurement to a ruler to know the length. The result is your wrist size.

III.    In order to find your bracelet size, search on the internet on the fitting style of bracelets. You will find a table that shows what measurement to add in order to come up with your size.

When you buy these accessories, you shouldn’t have to endure any complication. With the right knowledge, you should be able to get exactly what you want and how you want it. You won’t have to squeeze your wrist into any bracelet and end up stretching or breaking it. Find out your wrist size and enjoy having your well fitting bracelets.

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