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Norton 360 is created by Symantec and is also classified as an all-in-one security suite. This is among the best antivirus software in the world and is a fusion of online protection and performance tuning. The general meaning of performance tuning is the enhancement in the performance of the system. Norton 360 differs from the Norton internet security because of two things associated with it. One is the optimization and other is issues solving tools.

Norton 360- the past

Norton 360 was given as a boxed copy. Boxed copy is the word for the compact disc. It could also be downloaded or pre-installed in the computers in the form of OEM software. In mid 2014, Norton 360 faced discontinuation but all its features are shifted to Norton security as of now. Users using the Norton 360 in their computers or notebooks or mobile phones can go for theSymantec Norton 360 Customer Online Help Service in case of any problem with respect to its operation.

Project Genesis and further

 In Feb 2006, Symantec made the announcement of Project Genesis. This was actually different from other customer security products associated with it. The reason being it was associated with the file back and tools related to the performance optimization. Besides the capability of the antivirus, there was also firewall attached to it. On 31 May, it was renamed as Norton 360 with the confirmation of the feature set. Norton 360 had the same functionality as that of Norton internet security and was associated with file backup, performance tools, phishing protection and heuristics. More information about the past history of Norton 360 can be gathered throughLive Norton 360 Support Number by dialing the professional having detailed knowledge about this particular product from Symantec.

Version 1.0

On Feb 26, 2007, version 1.0 was released. In fact, this was the first among the Symantec products that made use of SONAR [Symantec online network for advanced response] for tracing the zero day viruses. It was watching over the applications for any kind of malicious behavior and if there was the need, it took the action. By the help of the functionality backup and restore, users were permitted to back-up the files online.

Version 2.0

On March 2008, the version of 2.0 was released. There was back-up feature associated with this and one could manage various installations of Norton 360 from centralized location. While the online file back-up, the user had the option to control bandwidth amount used by Norton.

Version 3.0

Om March 4, 2009, there was the release of version 3.0 of Norton 360. Codebase for this version and Norton Internet Security 2009 was the same. For the earlier versions, Symantec rewrote code more specifically for Norton 360. For any doubt clarification regarding this, can write to24/7 Norton 360 Support.

Version 4.0, version 5.0 and version 6.0

This was released on February 17, 2010.  There was the addition of the new features related to the security. On February, 2011, there was release of version 5.0 associated with the enhanced performance and virus tracing capability. It had the enhanced version of SONAR [version 3]. The version 6.0 was associated with Metered Broadband Modes.

Version less and Version 21[2014], Version 22

It was released on Sept 5, 2012.  It was associated with the latest Norton Antivirus apart from Norton Internet security products. Version 21 of the Norton security suite came on Sept 4, 2013. This had the SONAR technology that could trace, block and eradicate the threat. It was because of the three shields associated with it like threat monitoring, threat removal and network defense. On Sept 2014, version 22 was released and marketed as Norton Security 2015. http://nortonhelp.support/norton-support-number/

Editions of Norton 360 and compatibility with Windows 8

The three editions of Norton 360 are Norton 360 standard, Norton 360 premium, Norton 360 multi-device. In the premium edition, there is 25 GB of online storage.

Assistance for Norton

 Symantec provides general and product help for Norton. The general help include download and install, renewal and purchase, threat removal. In the product help, you have the Norton security for Windows, Norton security for Mac and Norton security for mobile.  If you, by accident, purchase more than one Norton product, shall be granted help from Symantec. If you have purchased Norton product but want to download by the help of key on a card, shall be provided the assistance. For shifting Norton product from one computer to another, you can take the guidance from the experts of Symantec. If you are not able to start the Norton product on Mac or cannot download it, you can receive the guidance without hesitation. Norton relevance is increasing day by day because the computer wants complete protection and this is an undeniable fact. The user does not want to suffer by malicious threats.

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