Four Blunders You Can Avoid With Quality Bathroom Renovators

Posted by matrixbathrooms on October 26th, 2016

Anyone who has completed a bathroom renovation knows the challenges that go into a stunning space; it seems effortless when expert-quality bathroom renovators do it, but otherwise it can mean weeks of mess and difficulties. While we at Matrix Bathrooms always love the great Aussie DIY spirit, some of these blunders by amateur renovators put our hairs on end and cause families endless struggles and delays. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, or in your home is dangerously close to taking a sledgehammer to those grimy 70’s tiles, make sure that you stay far away from these three common blunders.

1- Plan Your Renovation Thoroughly

A dedicated timeline of your expectations will help you to see how realistic your goals might be, and how to plan your budget for them accordingly. Some renovations might call for significant adjustments to the structure, such as adding a window or removing a wall, which will require planning, submission, and approval, so make sure you understand every aspect of your bathroom renovation so you don’t get left with any nasty delays. Poor planning will usually leave you weeks, if not months, behind, and your team of tradespeople might not share your sense of urgency without careful planning and a written agreement.

2- Asbestos Beware

Any family, especially those living in homes built before 1984, should tread with caution during renovations. Asbestos is commonly found in bathroom ceilings, floors, and walls, and should only be removed by a licensed asbestos handler. Asbestos was long revered as a versatile and functional material, providing great insulation, strength, and flexibility, and it is now thought that over a third of Australian homes contain asbestos. This can cause serious respiratory illness, and should not be touched or moved by anyone other than a trained professional.

3- Waterproofing

In some states, waterproofers still do not require a license, which contributes to waterproofing failure as one of the top building defects in Australia. Waterproofing is a critical part of the process, and cutting corners here can end up with expensive problems. Only ever use a company or tradesperson who is properly trained and experienced, or run the risk of costly repairs with nobody to hold accountable.

These are the three most costly and dangerous blunders which we see in homes across Melbourne, but there are countless more potholes to avoid when you’re looking forward to your home renovation. Matrix Bathrooms are proud to be Melbourne’s best bathroom renovators. With over forty years’ experience, we understand the efficiency and care which every bathroom requires, and have a stunning portfolio of completed bathrooms from our many happy clients. From guarantees to our waterproofing to concrete start-to-finish dates, and experienced tradespeople and designers on hand every step of the way, it’s easy to see why Melbourne loves their Matrix Bathrooms

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