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Different Tips to Buy Baby Stroller in Sri Lanka Online

Posted by RetailGenius in Shopping on October 28th, 2016

The stroller for your baby is a big purchase and it is easy to get confused because of many available models and varieties in the market. Shopping for a good stroller that fits your budget and suits your requirements can make any parent anxious. Without preparing a framework for your shopping, you may end up spending too much money on one product or you may buy one that will become useless after some time.

Here are some considerations that will help you buying a baby stroller in Sri Lanka online

Prepare a Budget:

For a stroller, you may spend as much as you want or you may spend as little as you like. There is no scarcity of expensive products on the internet but your personal needs and budget will help you decide what product will be suitable for you. You can spend anything from LKR 6,500 to LKR 15,000 to get the stroller you want. However, you should think properly if you really want to spend that much or not. Preparing a budget will narrow down your search and help you choose the product in your specific price range. 


It is one aspect that you should consider carefully as strollers come with a variety of features. You can buy a regular stroller that has the feature of folding the seat back so that you can use the more upright positions as your baby grows.

You should take a few strollers for a test run. A stroller with low handles will make you uncomfortable while pushing it down the track. Look for the one that suits your and your spouse’s height so that you can easily push it. Any stroller that you have to push unduly hard for movement is not a good buy.

Also, the stroller should have a brake system so that it does not roll down inclines by itself. Make sure that it has locking wheels and harness straps in order to prevent any accident or mishaps. You can also look for a removable seat cushion for easy washing.

Among other things, it can have a grocery basket or at least a place for one under the seat so that you can stash your purchases under the seat. Some families do not fold the strollers but if you want to take it into your car then you should ensure that it is foldable. This feature allows you to stash the stroller in your car and take it wherever you want. Also, make sure that the stroller is easy to steer. It makes the ride comfortable for the baby and requires less effort from your side during the ride. 


It is one feature that every parent demands and you must not become an exception. Many strollers come with a detachable baby seats that can be fitted easily in the back seat of your car, whereas some of them are able to hold a car seat comfortably. It depends on the price and brand of the stroller but you can look at one that gives you this much versatility. 

About The Author:

Yano is the owner of company RetailGenius. RetailGenius is one of the largest e-commerce marketplace in Sri Lanka. RetailGenius provides a platform for vendors across the country to connect with millions of customers in the continent. The online store has the widest assortment of products from thousands of national, international, and regional brands across diverse categories like Laptops, Appliances, Cameras, Mobiles, Ladies Wear, Gents Wear and more.

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RetailGenius is the Sri Lanka's largest e-commerce marketplace. RetailGenius provides a platform for vendors across the country to connect with millions of customers.
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