Meaning & Significance Of Cake Decoration

Posted by Shashank Sinha on October 28th, 2016

The cake is the most delicious form of sweet treat- a delicacy no one would ever say No to. But ever wondered what entices you first to your choice of cake? It’s how attractively it is embellished. Be it a Choco Truffle or a Strawberry Rose, it’s always what tempts the eye that makes you want to taste it. Visual appeal is as much important as its taste. And this gave rise to cake decoration which dates back to 17th century in Europe with gradual advancement of technology. Eventually, with the arrival of basic ovens in 1840s, cake became a sought-after confectionary since then.  And today, it is a form of art that encompasses process and presentation- a superpower not all possess.

With an advent of technology came advanced techniques and also appliances designed specifically for cake decorations. And today, it is indispensable for any bakery to opt for different methods and tools for cake decoration.

Decorating a cake has become more complex than what it made a start with. From cherries and other edible items embedded in or placed on top of the cake, decoration emerged as using complex techniques like Fondant, Royal Icing to Duct Designs and Sprinkles, every kind of artful appearance is meant to tingle your taste buds.

Cake decoration involves different kinds of icing from non-perils (small, round, soft balls),to jimmies (the pint sized cylindrical toffees) to smoothing sugars (crystallized). With plethora of cookery shows and books available in the market, this art is no more uncommon today.

Learn a little about different cake presentations you see around yourself:

  • Fondant: These are soft moulded sugar paste or roll icing in different colours laid upon the cake.
  • Royal Icing: Whipped egg white with icing sugar that is used in to create ideal white sheet on top or decorative borders.
  • Sprinkles: These could be cocoa or coloured sugar powder sprinkled in various ways for vivid effects.
  • Gum paste: these are edible, brittle material that dries quickly and can be carved out in different shapes for different designs.

The entire process of cake baking revolves around the occasion or festivity it is needed for. It could be to grace a birthday, a banquet, a high tea party or a get together. The purpose of the function is necessary for the kind of cake chosen.

Cakes have begun to come in varieties suitable for different occasions. Well embellished cakes are more appropriate for grand banquets and festivities. For instance, little daughters like being presented with strawberry rose cake while Fruit cake is ideal for all considering the additional health benefits it carries and chocolate cake is something everyone would lay their hands on provided it is decorated fancily. In other words, it should seem luscious because in the end, impressions are important.

So, it’s time to change your ordinary cakes into fascinating, tempting showstoppers by paying attention to the delicate details and learning and applying the art a bit.

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