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Posted by Shyamoli Shah on October 28th, 2016

As a result of the growth in competition, education has become a business more than a learning process. The cost of education is matching the cost of livelihood. Every parent dreams of sending their kids to the best of institutes but financial restrain acts as a big barrier in the way of their hopes. College fees are increasing with the rising inflation and its becoming quite difficult for parents and students to meet the requirements. It is needless to say that graduating from a reputed institute will add to your career and give ways for better prospectives. Thanks to government banks that have been providing student loans for the past many years for studying in India as well as abroad. Now-a-days, even private lenders have entered the market with numerous overseas education loans schemes for the young aspirants. Mostly the shortage of monetary funds for education is faced by families belonging to the middle class and lower middle class segment of the society. And the fact that majority of the population is middle class, cannot be denied. Many middle class families find themselves stuck up when in need of fundings for financing their kids higher studies.

Lenders contribute their share to promote education in the form of loans which are available in different types.A lot of contribution is been added by private companies these days to benefit the needy section of the society. To qualify for a loan, the borrower must have sufficient earnings (monthly income).Such families have started opting for education loans to help kids achieve their goals. Loans to study in India and overseas education loan is available for pursuing career oriented courses in medicine, engineering, MBA, management studies, aviation, vocational training, etc. Graduate as well as post graduate study programs can be financed with an education loan. In case of an education lona, the student is considered as the primary borrower, while his parents, siblings or spouse are treated as co-applicants of the loan.

The margin up to which the loan amount can be borrowed depends on the lender. Moreover it is decided based on the income ratio, financial condition and overall expenses of the borrower and his/her family. The loan amount covers chatges other than the academic fees such as cost of books, cost of uniform, living and maintainence charges. Government banks have very promising schemes for students but that is not always the case. You may even consider private lending bodies to avail an overseas education loan at interest rates as low as 12.75% and a processing fee of mere 1-2%. To land on the best banking website, you will have to conduct a little bit of research on the internet and compare between various lenders. Shortlist at least 5 alternatives that fit in your requirements so as to save yourself from running out of alternatives. Meanwhile apply for the one that your find to be the best out of the lot. It usually takes up to a fort night for the loan to get sanctioned if all the documents and verification process falls into place. To avaoid any delay, make sure to fill the form without making any errors and attach all the relevant documents carefully.

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