Gum Disease and Loss of Teeth

Posted by ridgetopdental on October 29th, 2016

Proper oral hygiene is essential for good health, and lack of it can cause a lot of problems like gum disease and loss of teeth. A dental clinic in Koramangala deals with those conditions by providing reasonably priced gum treatment and high-quality replacement teeth with help from the best dental surgeon in Bangalore. If you are suffering from gum disease and loss of teeth, here are some of the things you can do about them:

Gum disease

Periodontal or gum disease is more common than you think. At times, even if you have healthy teeth, you could still have minor symptoms of conditions like gingivitis, which is the most common type of gum disease. Bacteria, other particles, and mucus can cause plaque, which, if not removed sooner, can harden and become tartar. Both plaque and tartar can lead to gingivitis, and if not treated, the condition can become periodontitis, which causes inflammation around the teeth. When that happens, the gums pull away from your teeth to form pockets or spaces that can be infected, causing your teeth to become loose and fall out.

Professional treatment at a dental clinic in Koramangala is the best solution for gum disease. It is time to visit the dentist if you notice any persistent bad breath, swollen and red gums, bleeding and tender gums, lose or sensitive teeth, and painful chewing. Dentists in Bangalore treat gum disease by controlling the infection, and the method will depend on the extent of the condition. They typically recommend deep cleaning known as ‘scaling and root planing’, which scrapes off tartar from above and below your gum line, while root planing removes rough spots on the root of your teeth where germs typically thrive. Some dentists may use specialized lasers to remove tartar and plaque. Of course, you need to practice good daily oral hygiene at home, too, by brushing your teeth and by changing some habits, like quitting smoking.

Loss of teeth

Physical trauma, periodontitis, and tooth decay are some of the reasons why people lose their teeth. When that happens, you have the option to go to the best dental surgeon in Bangalore for treatment and a solution that can restore the appearance of your mouth. Missing teeth could eventually cause some problems if left untreated, like TMJ disorder, speech and eating problems, a weakened mouth, and shifting of the jaw. Hence, be sure to schedule an appointment at a reputable dental clinic in Koramangala or see the best dental surgeon in Bangalore for solutions like dental implants and a dental bridge that is supported by implants. For more visit

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