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Posted by Sheraton Veranda on October 29th, 2016

 Whether you’re a native of the south or just a fan, everyone knows that Southerners throw a good party. Although you could have your wedding in your hometown or current city, having destination wedding venues in Oklahoma would be unique and extra fun. Nashville wedding venues are some of the most beautiful places around; besides, you and your guests would be surrounded by good music, good food, and good people!

If you’re not from the Tennessee area, planning a Nashville wedding might sound a little daunting to you. However, with today’s technology the event becomes a cinch to strategize! Wedding planning apps are affordable (and sometimes even free!) options to plan weddings, and these tools are especially useful when you’re planning your wedding from a distance. The app includes a list of the top Nashville wedding venues and reviews of each of them. You can peruse notes and tips from hundreds of other brides without ever leaving your home! In addition, you can check for availability for each vendor after you have narrowed down your choices.

One of the reasons why wedding venues in Oklahoma is such a great option is because of its affordability. Although it is one of the bigger Southern cities, and growing quickly, it still would cost a fraction of the price to plan a wedding here than it would in New York City or San Francisco. By saving money on vendors and locales, you can use your budget in other ways, like bigger flower bouquets for your bridesmaids or an upgraded rental chair type for your ceremony. And again, all of these choices can be perused on your well-stocked wedding planner app.

Third, guests will love you for choosing such a unique, funky city to get married in! It gives your friends and family an excuse to turn your wedding weekend until a mini-vacation for them. They’ll be able to explore the rich history of Nashville, including its country music scene. You’ll also get a kick out of Beale Street, bar hopping amongst the tourists and locals and celebrating your upcoming nuptials. In fact, Nashville is considered the Top Bachelorette Party City in the country, so the whole city is full of romance and excitement for future brides and their grooms.

Last, providing a neutral location helps ease any tension among family members that live throughout the country. Bi-coastal families often fight over which terrain the wedding should take place, and it can cause stress between the bride and groom at a time when they are supposed to be full of joy and happiness. Avoid these family feuds by choosing a city in the middle of all the family, like Nashville, and ease the stress of planning with your iPhone app!

Looking for the best city to get hitched? Check out Nashville wedding venues for a laid back and friendly approach to romantic events! You can organize the wedding with wedding venues in Oklahoma, so don’t worry about the distance, just have fun!

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