Permanent Hair Removal: Different Types

Posted by Brian Miller on October 29th, 2016

Going every month to the parlour for waxing can be quite expensive. Besides, such procedures might not be good for the skin too. This is why a lot of people look for a permanent hair removal solution. Since it is a one-time investment, it is feasible for many. The IPL hair removal procedure can be performed in reputed clinics under supervision of specialists, so you can rely on the service provided the provider is reliable.

Electrolysis is one of the procedures of hair removal that is done by a professional with considerable skills as well as training. This method leads to removal of hair permanently. The professional who perform it is known as electrologist who slips a slim needle into the root of the hair follicle in order to deliver the electric charge. If your hair is in a growing stage, then it would not grow back as soon as the method is implemented.

The electrolysis method can be a little painful and of course it is time consuming. While penetrating needles would be obviously painful, you need to decide if you can spare sufficient time for this type of permanent hair removal treatment. The electrolysis is a permanent procedure as the re-growth is addressed persistently. This process works quiet well, no matter what hair and skin colour you have.

If you wish to get rid of your hair around bikini line, chin or lip, then this method can prove to be quite helpful for you. However, in case of larger areas it will take more hours for the treatment.

Laser procedure is another type of hair removal treatment that is done by using a tool that mainly aims at a particular region of the skin and produces light wavelengths in order to destroy your hair follicles. Aside from offer a permanent solution it also lessens the hair growth. However, you need to go through this procedure quite a lot of time in order to destroy the diverse hairs completely.

Based on the latest research it is found that people who generally opt for IPL hair removal or laser treatment experience almost 90% reduction of hair. But then again the success of such treatment varies widely. People who have dark or fair skin get optimal results with this type of hair removal method.

The success of laser method depends greatly on how the procedure is performed. So, if you are thinking of this process you should ensure that you get the best professional for the job. You should do sufficient research about the clinic offering such services. Also, you should enquire about the skills and experience of the specialist, only then you can be sure of whether the service is suitable for you or not. Ask questions to the executive until you are satisfied.

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