IPL hair removal: What is It All About?

Posted by Brian Miller on October 29th, 2016

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is relatively new and popular method of hair removal from body or face or whatever area you want. IPL hair removal is reckoned to be the next best alternative to laser hair removal at a cost relatively lower than the later. Though effective and efficient like the laser therapy yet it costs a fraction of the price of laser. People nowadays have become quite conscious of their figure and want to maintain a flawless skin and that can be easily achieved with the help of clinical hair removal treatments.

Laser removal, which is quite same as IPL removal is relatively costlier and takes more time to accomplish results. The latter is cost-effective and easy in achieving productive results. IPL hair removal works wonderfully on light skin colour without leaving any scars or marks. It covers a wider area within a shorter period of time and prevents you from applying ample amount of chemically hazardous hair removal creams or stroking your soft skin with sharp razor blades, which can result into cuts and scratches, if not stroked carefully. With time, it is becoming more and more inexpensive and safer in removing unwanted hairs from any part of the body.

Intense Pulse Light basically works by turning the light energy into heat energy. Such strong heat energy is capable enough to spot the growth of hair from the origin from which it grows. Basically, it burns the growth origin of hairs, thus permanently removing the hair roots. The best thing about this treatment is that it covers a wide span of area in just one session, so you don’t have to take many sessions.

Though women are the ones who are major patients undergoing IPL treatment men are soon outgrowing them. With this treatment, any body part can be treated and some of the most common areas are:

1. Facial
2. Chest
3. Bikini area
4. Legs
5. Underarms
6. Back
7. Hands.

A single session treats a substantial portion of your body within just fifteen to thirty minutes. The results achieved are good and safe. Various kinds of IPL machines are being used to treat different kinds of skin types and tones, resulting in being the most common solution to the problems of hair in both men and women. Though it is not laser removal yet it is nothing less than laser. With so many benefits and positive results, it has become extremely popular and most importantly affordable.

The major benefit that one can derive in this form of hair removal is that the hair is removed from its very source, resulting into prevention of further hair growth. In razor and waxing, hair is pulled out without affecting the hair roots, but here in IPL it triggers the hair roots, thus addressing the main issue directly.

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