Common Issues with Brakes

Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on November 2nd, 2016

You brake a lot more than you probably think about every day. Sure, when you have to slam on the brakes you are aware of yourself braking, but other than that, it may not cross your mind. In reality, you brake when you get to an intersection, you brake when you are parking…you have to use your brakes all the time!

That’s why when something wrong happens to your brakes, you need to make sure that you get them fixed immediately. Driving without functioning brakes is extremely dangerous, and can lead to serious injury or even death.

Here are some of the different problems with brakes that you may need to get fixed.

Normal Wear and Tear

When you think about needed a brake service, you probably think about something catastrophic happening to your brakes. In reality, your brakes may simply wear down after a while. When this happens, there are a few different repairs that may need to be done, such as fixing the brake drums and shoes.


Another reason for a brake service Charleston SC may be the liquid levels in the ace barrel and brake lines. If they fall too low, your vehicle may take more time to stop.

Part Failure

Occasionally parts will fail, and when this happens they need to be replaced immediately to avoid a major catastrophe or accident.

When your brakes start having trouble, bring them to an automotive repair store like Edwards Automotive. They will fix your breaks and replace any parts that have been worn down or have failed.

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