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Posted by Parallel Support on November 2nd, 2016

As it is somehow not easy for Apple addicts to accept it, they require a third-party software suite to run Windows applications on Mac infrastructure without any technical hurdle. Apple does require a virtual machine software suite to have a compatibility with Windows OS. Parallels for Mac is best known for its high technical capabilities to build an ecosystem within Mac, allowing the users to run both Windows and Mac OS without any technical hurdle. Best of all, they don’t need to restart their Mac computer to switch between two operating systems.    

With every new announcement from Apple, Parallels Desktop, without fail, come up with even more capable and technically advanced mechanism that meets the contemporary requirements effectively and efficiently. Currently, Apple has announced its new operating system macOS Sierra, and Parallels Desktop has also introduced a new edition Parallels 12 for Mac with a set of tools, called as Toolbox, which is designed to ease the way how the users have been doing tasks on their computers.

As far as availing of new features in the latest edition is concerned, you will require setting up the newly-added features in such a way that you can make the best use of the features. On the other hand, if you have a plan to upgrade your Parallels to the latest edition, then you would better contact a reliable technician to accessContact Parallels Customer Online Support Service in a real time.

On the other hand, Parallels does also offer a helpful technical manual to help the people install the software in a proper way.     

Here’re 7 key points of attractions that why you should upgrade your existing Parallels to the latest one:

  • It is optimized and ready to work with macOS Sierra
  • Online backup storage increased to 500 GB
  • More 25% faster than the previous edition in terms of Windows folder performance
  • Options to archive your data files
  • A set of essential tools has been added
  • Easy to record videos and from Mac to Windows
  • Presentable mode with no technical problem

So these are some points of attraction that would certainly encourage the users to upgrade their existing Parallels to the latest edition. The key focus of Parallels 12 is to eliminate obstacles with backing up data files in the virtual machine software suite. Now the latest edition has come up with 500 GB space storage specifically for the backup only.

On the other hand, game lovers do also have some exciting things in the latest edition – Parallels 12 for Mac is quite technically efficient to support Windows 10 Xbox app for streaming and playing Xbox games without any technical obstacles. By now,  Parallels Online Tech Support Service Center helpdesk has been dealing with a number issue particularly with Windows 10 Xbox application and games.

But it is now easy and simple to avail of this technological advancement. What is required to do is to go through the suggested instructions on user manual. In case of any technical problems (which is due to take place at some moments in time) dial toll free Online Parallels Support Phone Service Number and get a real time solution.    

Some additional features are sure to enhance the experience:

In addition to the available technological advancements, Parallels 12 for Mac can also provide a better security to your data files with increased accuracy. It allows you to easily archive your files into a safe location. Do Not Disturb Mode for Mac and Windows is ascertained to boost up productivity by allowing you to eliminate all hurdles in a real time.  

Why macOS Sierra is making buzz in the technology market?

Apart from the technological wonders of Parallels 12 for Mac, the Apple lovers are much excited to climb onto macOS Sierra because of exiting features and applications. Here are some key attractions that are due to take the market by storm in coming days.

Here are the points of attractions in macOS Sierra:

  • Siri

Now with the introduction of new line of Mac operating system macOS Sierra, you can now use it on the desktop. Siri is now multi-tasking application – no matter what you are doing with your Siri personal assistant, it will always be there to help you.

  • Universal clipboard

To eliminate technical obstacles while copying and pasting from one device to other, macOS Sierra is now more capable to process it faster than before.

  • Optimized storing capacity

Now macOS Sierra would be smarter to understand your data files. It will be storing your rarely-used data files to iCloud – it is said to be a worthwhile feature to manage and optimize the storage capacity on your Mac.

  • Better integration with your Apple watch

Now the users can log into their Mac without typing password, if they are wearing Apple watch. It’s really an awesome feature that is going to give a perfect experience to the users.

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