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Posted by Norton Support on November 2nd, 2016

Today, Norton by Symantec announced the good news for which everyone was waiting. It is the launch of new security software in India thereby giving the protection level a big hike for the good of customer base in India. This new Norton security also comes with increased performance and features. To be sure, as per the experienced professionals of Symantec, this new security software, launched on Oct 26, 2016, shall be beneficial in the long run as far as the antivirus protection is concerned.

The alarming news

 As per the latest news regarding the internet security threat from Symantec, 430 million malware pieces with unique behaviors were traced by the company in year 2015. In fact, this was much higher than the statistics taken a year before. It shot to a very high level as of August 2016 when 45 million new variants were present. This can be called the high rise and one can say global gadgets are on a high risk keeping in mind such alarming statistics.  Symantec Norton Customer Online Help Service Number    can provide the details or reasons for such an astonishing rise in the unique malware if you feel like knowing more.

As per Ritesh Chopra, country head, Norton India-

“Norton by Symantec has the world’s largest civilian network of security experts who are constantly analyzing new threats and devising new ways to protect consumers and their devices”

He further added-

With the growing frequency of cyberattacks on all platforms, consumers need the comprehensive multi-platform protection offered by Norton Security.”

Emulation technology- it is a boon associated with Norton

By the latest emulation technology developed by Norton security, malware is demolished even before it launches the system attack. By the help of it, the doubtful files are unpacked and operated in virtual machine. This is for the testing purpose as to whether malicious content in these files can cooperate with the machine of user or not. Norton Support USA  experts can provide further details regarding the emulation technology in case the one is interested to know.

Al- in the current update

In the current update, Norton has made use of Al. This is Predictive Machine Learning Engine. The main role it plays is to warn and give the knowledge about the malware variants that shall come up in the days to come. Now, this is important thing because it is pre-warning for the welfare of user. Predictive Machine Learning Engine applies machine learning algorithm for solving the things. By PMLE, it makes the statistical model and can correctly trace and block the new malware and also the one about whom the user does not have information.  Symantec Norton Online Tech Support Phone Number   is enough to give you any type of information related to the Predictive Machine Learning System.

Norton security- crucial for the user

By visiting Norton.com, you can get the Norton security. You can get this at the relaxed price rates for the security of devices that you are using. For one user, the cost of Norton security is 1399rs and is affordable for many. The cost is decided as per the variant. The rates shall increase if variant is associated with more devices like 5 or 10. If you go for the deluxe variant, you get the security cover for 5 devices and it is for one year. You get this for Rs 2999. It is affordable for many when you look at the number of devices for which the protection is being offered. For the ten gadget security cover, you have the premium variant and the cost of it is Rs 8997. You can get facility of such services on Windows, MacOS, Android and IOS.

Integrating blue coat threat intelligence in Global Intelligence Network

On 26 Oct, 2016, Symantec Corporation announced the integration of Blue coat threat intelligence with GIN. By this, the threat data being created shall be the biggest with the variations exceeding all. When the threat data is integrated, half a million extra attacks shall be sealed every single day for the customers of Symantec Corporation. The unifying intelligence associated with it exposes the current attack propagandas including the attack from China but many called it inactive.

By the help of the current anti-phishing technology applicable in Symantec security products, new phishing propagandas have come in open. These are 137000 when it comes to numbers.

On Oct 26, 2016, the leading cyber security company of the world gave the news of its increment in the capacity to trace threats also known as the threat detection capability. In fact, this was achieved by the fusion of Symantec with Blue Coat’s security telemetry. After this, brute data-crunching force [related to artificial intelligence] was applied. It is actually required if the analyzing numbers reach trillion mark.

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