When antibody research gets complex, custom development is the better option

Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on November 2nd, 2016

Developing polyclonal antibody products can be hard work. As the science progresses, the degrees of difficulty rise. At the higher levels of advanced research, custom antibody development is now the core science. Custom antibodies offer a vast range of developmental opportunities, research values, and in many cases, very high value products.  

Since the days when sheep antibodies were the benchmark, antibody development has been progressing at a staggering rate. Immunology as a science has gone from being a rustic part of established medicine to a high priority/ must have major asset for medical research to an extraordinary degree.

As most researchers are all too well aware, custom antibody development can be a quite demanding, and resource-consuming, process. The high value science and product values come at a cost in terms of asset management in house.

The new approach is to outsource custom antibody development. This is a particularly effective option. Partnering with external resources frees up in-house resources, obviously.

Less immediately obvious is that the outsourcers are themselves very practical assets to help in research and product development. A company called Capralogics is a case in point. This is a leading US polyclonal antibody supplier which also provides lab services and service packages for their clients according to their needs.

This approach is a very good fit for researchers who need the time and space taken up by grunt work. It’s also useful in terms of working with a company like this, which is a leader in its own right with a lot of its own in-house scientific and commercial expertise.

The company is also a market leader, working with top of the line academic and commercial researchers. Their level of market expertise, as well as scientific expertise, is exceptional. Their custom antibody development services really are high-end, up to the minute, and very practical options in this constantly evolving field.

For more information, and to see their full range of services for yourself, visit their website here at www.capralogics.com . Also be sure to check out their range of products; they’re a good source for materials, too.  

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