Bully Busters-Spy Gadgets capture these brutes!

Posted by lemons on November 2nd, 2016

Bullies are everywhere! Because of spy gadgets, such as cameras and spy voice recorders, now it has become easier to collect evidence against them. Children, like adults, may be bullied or are bullies. Bullying can happen anywhere, at school, on the bus, at work, in the park, or even in the street. Proof is the only way to capture them, but first, it was difficult to obtain. Thank you to spy equipment such as cameras and recording devices, you can now expose these thugs for what they really are, providing concrete evidence, so they can be treated properly!
This is the best spy camera that I found for a younger child. It's just on pins and would never guess what it really is.
In addition to traditional personality flaws of a despot, there is also a very important defect that prevents bullies be punished. Bullies are Lyers! Search and find it as punishment and that the fault of the person they are bullying.Often arguing that it is those who are bullied, if someone were to report them. Without proof the real despot walk free, and the real person who is being bullied even withdraw further, fearing people will not believe them, and in turn, leaving them open to further harassment, because they spoke above.

Another important tyrant that is often overlooked is that usually one or both parents are themselves bullies. The all-clear when approaching their child to be a tyrant. I had this experience first hand. I approached a neighbor about his son (who was three years older than mine) bullying my son, and she attacked me. Then he called the police and said that I attacked! Why, I had no proof, I felt guilty. Never Again!

Workplace Bullying is also growing in popularity. Usually the bully is someone in a higher position, then, more or signority then. Jealousy is a huge factor in bullying, but it is very difficult to prove, especially if done behind his back. What can you possibly do to stop it, if the new employee. Get the test is the only way! This type of bullying also happened to me on a couple of occasions, and there was nothing I could do to prove it, then, again, seemed to be the culprit. Never Again!

It's time '' to finally expose these thugs for what they really are! Bullying Stops Here!

Office or class Spy Pen Camera
Gadget to capture the raw
There are different ways I found to capture these Bullies. Depending on what country you live in the laws may differ, but in Canada, I found no law stating that gadgets such as voice recorders and cameras are illegal to use to save a tyrant. In fact, the law stipulates that a voice recorder can legally be used to record a conversation until a person knows, and of course this person is you! As for other countries, you should check your laws about it. Video is another story, it seems that until you use it in a private setting, can be used to capture the bullies. You see all the videos on the internet about it.

voice recorders would be perfect to use on a form, tyrant. You can leave in your pocket and nobody ever know.Calling names and intimidation be easily demonstrated by the record of the abuse. The new technology allows many hours of data recording without running out of space. Some mobile phone also features video recording, all you have to do is press the record button and place it in your pocket.

spy cams are also another way to collect evidence and can be hidden anywhere. Buttons and hats with hidden cams in them are great ways to save the tyrant in action, and can also record data of hours. The laws are different spy cam voice recorders, but in my opinion help to save a bully in action, but not admissible in court, could perhaps be used as evidence of a teacher or boss for example , a certain type of bullying occurs.

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