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Posted by ricky26 on November 3rd, 2016

The main purpose of doing business is making money. Your business is only as successful as the amount of money you have left in your pockets at the end of the day. This involves business investments, employee salaries, office resources etc. But the most important expense a business faces is the tax they have to pay to the government. Basically, you’re paying your country for letting them allow you to make money on their land. Since business is all about money and making profits exclusively, business owners and entrepreneurs always try to find ways to cut down on as much expenses as they can. These techniques have usually involved cutting employee salaries, miserly using office resources and also tax theft. Many business owners have seen their days in prison because of the former.

What if you were told that you can now own an international business, and also save money on tax instead of it being even increased? Such a feat is possible in Labuan, Malaysia. The island state of Labuan is known worldwide for its flexibility of letting foreign businesses not just setup, but own the entire business. Also the Labuan tax rates are so low that it has turned into a hub of international companies and helped with the country’s economy. So, if this interests you, read on further to find out how you can setup a business successfully in this money making paradise.

Found in 2009 by Mr. Clament Chua, Labuan Offshore Trust is a company that helps both Malaysian and Non-Malaysian companies to grant a Malaysia employment pass and setup shop in Labuan with ease. The company is licensed and registered under the Labuan Financial Services & Securities (LFSA) Act 2010. Labuan is an all in all business friendly jurisdictions known for attracting many businesses. The perfect coupling with low tax and credible and internationally recognized legal framework has made it easier to just go to Labuan and setup a business!

About Labuan Offshore Trust:

Labuan Offshore Trust is a company that helps in setting up businesses in Labuan. Labuan Offshore Company has an advantage of low tax and full ownership for foreign businesses. For more information, visit

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