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Posted by goldsafe21 on November 3rd, 2016

It shouldn't take more than a few weeks to add the patch? They were still trying to work on the main game when the delay announcement came. They said they wanted to fix certain issues with a day one patch. So, they hadn't even started the day one patch development at that time. I almost am willing to bet hard earned cash that if they knew they could fix most of those issue with a day one patch (or a pre-review patch) they would not have delayed the game. The fact that the day one patch was going to be close to being ready by release time probably most certainly was a factor in their decision. What if it wasn't ready? The game's reputation would have suffered far more if the game had the numerous issues that we had seen in the old "master" gameplay footage.

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So, what are you going to do? You have a patch/fix that you estimate would be ready right around release time. Well, let's assume that since they announced the delay in August that it takes between a month and a month and a half for production (This is also consistent with Tabata announcing the data lock around this timeframe to the newer delayed release date). So SE comes out and announces a delay that is exactly 1.5 months after the original release date. So, that would put us at Nov 15. Basically, this is taking Tabata's word that if he were given the one and a half months that remained before the original release date, he could deliver a polished product.

What if Tabata is a week late? Two weeks late? Development doesn't go to a schedule. It isn't like your programmers type x words per second and there are y total words in a program- therefore program will take z total days to program. Stuff happens and schedules are missed. So, SE would have had to come out and announced another release date delay. Don't worry guys/gals. It is only two weeks this time... or however long Tabata was late. Or however long production takes... I am certain FFXV's reputation would have suffered far more than delaying it a much safer two months. This would give Tabata the time he wanted and then some... with a little flexibility if he is close that production can start to ramp up while he finished over a couple of days.

Let's face it, you have no idea what is happening over at BD2, SE, Sony Pictures, your local theater, and all the other things that you have complained about. I think you used the right word to summarize everything you have said, "inconvenient". Yeah, it was a little inconvenient a lot of things that SE did. Yeah, it is inconvenient to wait on a delayed game. It is inconvenient that games take different amounts of time to develop on different consoles. It is inconvenient to watch a movie digitally or on Blu-ray or wait a month. However, you are so fortunate that inconvenience is the only thing that you have to deal with. It may be inconvenient to wait, but then again, I guess this is why patience is a virtue. And being virtuous is difficult for a lot of people. I suspect you are one for whom it is difficult. There's no shame in it. Most people aren't virtuous. However, there's no time like the present to start (because the present isn't really a time)!

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