Nootropics - A Helpful Drug to Enhance Mental Performance and Memory Problems

Posted by jeenniwill on November 3rd, 2016

The competition has grown tough and people nowadays have become smart and efficient. But still there are some people who are not equally good in different things. Some do not have sharp brain, some have slow thinking capacities, and various other problems also prevail in humans. In today’s everything is possible with technology. Today there are solutions for almost all the disorders that a human being can face. There are several people in this world who are facing mind and memory problems. In today’s world there are several medicines and prescribed drugs available in the market which is used to enhance memory functions. There are various types of nootropic drugs available which you can use.

Exclusive Drug to Deal Memory Problems

Nootropic drugs are provided to those who are dealing with memory problems as it helps to enhance memory problems and various other cognitive functions. Noopept is a very famous nootropic available in the market. It was developed in 1995 in Russia and it is a non-regulated substance in most parts of the world. Although it is not approved by FDA it is used as a food supplement in USA whereas in Russia people buy noopept as an over the counter drug, for the treatment of Alzheimer and as a nootropic. It is very similar effects to racetams but is a very potent drug and very cheap to use.

Noopept is cheap and very much similar to racetams but it has a little benefit over racetams, a small dose of noopept is required and its side effect is milder. A study has also proved that noopept can be dosed even 500 to 1000 times lower than piracetam while still providing beneficial effects. Studies have also shown that it is very beneficial to heal the brains injured by trauma and oxidative stress as well as on individuals with Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer; it is also known to reverse or stop the milder cases of Alzheimer’s disease. As a nootropic, it increases focus and long term memory and it also decreases feelings of anxiety and thus helps managing stress.

Famous Nootropic Drugs and Their Consumption

L-Tyrosine and Tyrosine are famous natural nootropics. Some people even use NALT (N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine), it breaks down to L-Tyrosine in the kidney and is more soluble than Tyrosine. It is an amino acid that produces noradrenaline and dopamine and this amino acid can also enhance cognition during periods of sleep deprivation. This is very useful for college students and busy professionals; it can even help to stay on their game if they pull whole night to study or busy working on any project. These type drugs even have certain side effects so they should always be consumed after consultation.

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