Is it the golden age for software testing in India?

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India is an important world market for software testing, though this is not its golden age. However, it is also true that the boom which resulted in companies like Infosys and Wipro rising to the top of the market has now subsided. At present, Infosys is in a transition mode, making high use of automation.

How the market for software testing has evolved over years

15 years back when software testing was at a nascent stage, there were not many training centres in the country to impart knowledge. Most testers lacked proper guidance and did not understand the power of Google. This has changed with institutes teaching software testing in several parts of the country. As the years have gone by, the structure of this course has also been standardised.

In IT companies, there was not much demarcation to separate experienced software testers from the new ones. Often, the old ones were called senior software testers not necessarily because of their experience, by virtue of being in the company earlier. Today the salary of a software tester is not very different from what is received by a developer.

Scope for growth

It takes a fair number of years to master the skills and knowledge of software testing. Manual testing has been around for several years, but there are constant developments in automatic testing. For this, newer techniques are regularly introduced into the field.

Many engineers look at management positions after doing testing for some years. Multiple roles are available in organisations:

1. Test Lead- The person would usually handle 2-3 releases and a team of about 10-15 people. He would be aged 27-30 years.

2. Test Manager- This person should be able to handle a team of 50-60 people and all releases of a particular project. He would be aged 30-35 years.

3. Project Manager- He would be in a position to handle 2-3 projects or a complete stream. He would be in his late 30s.

4. Senior Project Manager- This person would handle 2-3 streams on a specific platform. He would also be in his late 30s.

Apart from the above, there are other high profile roles as well. These include a QA Head, QA Director and a QA Platform lead.

How to proceed in this career

Remaining a software tester does not really take you places in the industry. To become more productive, one has to acquire a greater number of skills and rise up the ladder. Therefore, one of the best software testing training institute of Mumbai provide you everything needed to rise up the career ladder in IT industry.

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