Plastic And Steel Strapping Materials: For Safe And Secure Transportation

Posted by katelynturner on November 4th, 2016

The right tools always make a difference, regardless of the industry you are operating in. The usage of appropriate tools will, after all, be the difference between achieving an objective efficiently and in a timely manner. For the packaging industry, there are several components that contribute to the effective functioning of several processes. These include boxes, wraps, packaging rolls, tapes and other equipment.

Strapping Tools: Keeping Them Tied In

One of the most fundamental components for any packaging company has to be the strapping tools they use. Keeping the boxes and items from falling, proper strapping ensures that the items being transported do not contract any damage whatsoever. At the same time, they allow for more items to be transported as they help pack in more material into lesser space. And two of the most widely used strapping tools are plastic and steel strapping materials.

Plastic Strapping Materials: The New Kid On The Block

Plastic strapping comes in three different types each of which are significantly different from the others. These are namely Polypropylene strapping, polyester strapping and nylon strapping. The polypropylene strapping is the most sought after and cost effective plastic strapping material used by packaging companies around the world. Light and easy to use, it can be used with most strapping machines. The polyester strapping is the most rigid of all strapping options, and hence offers the highest strength. Used on heavy duty loads, it is sealed with seals or friction welds. Finally, the nylon strapping has the highest ‘specific strength’ of all plastic strapping but is priced the highest, driving companies away from using it.

Steel Strapping Materials: The Traditional Strapping

Used since the 19th century, steel strapping has effectively been the go to strapping tool for packaging companies for decades now. The strongest of all strapping materials in the world, steel strapping is used whenever there is a need for heavy duty packaging. Sealed using mechanical seals, steel strapping are mostly used where the item is sharp or hot. The price and safety factor are making packagers shift to plastic strapping materials though, which also explains the rising popularity of plastic strapping.

Plastic and steel strapping will ensure that your items are transported in the most secure manner. Keeping them in one place, you can rest assured that they will contract no damage when strapped properly. So get in touch with a packaging company that supplies the 3M carton sealing tape, plastic and steel strapping materials and ensure proper strapping of your items.

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